Bansy Kalappa

Karnataka CM or Delhi role, Modi wave to decide

While there is no official word on his future, leaders speak in hushed tones about how it depends on the BJP performance.

20 May 2019

A sixer against plastic menace: IPL fan clubs to practice self-imposed ban on single-use plastics

Fans of IPL teams will come together and pledge to stay away from single use plastic at the finals on Sunday

11 May 2019

INTERVIEW | Many in BJP fed up, expect desertions post Lok Sabha poll results: Dinesh Gundu Rao

He is being played by the BJP for their selfish agenda. He is a Congressman and we have stood by him. There are some personal issues which could be the reason for his discontent.

05 May 2019

With name calling and abusing, Karnataka politicians hit new low

Election is a season of verbal diarrhea and the state witnessed a lot of it on Saturday.

21 Apr 2019

Woman power lights up campaigns of two Gowdas in Bengaluru

Wives, mothers, sisters are hitting the trail with new promises, as a thirsty populace waits for the water that never came.

02 Apr 2019

Income tax officials are only doing their job: Karnataka opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa

The Karnataka BJP president said that the Congress and JD(S) are making an issue out of a non-issue and they are trying to subvert the Constitution by protesting against constitutional bodies.

30 Mar 2019

Farming is just not enough to make ends meet in Chikballapur

Many farmers here are turning to other methods of earning as the Yettinahole project to the water-scarce lands gets delayed.

28 Mar 2019

It’s a see-saw battle in Chikballapur Lok Sabha seat

It will be a deja vu here as congress's Veerappa molly will takeon BJP's Bache Gowda with the Vokkaliga factor helping the latter.

28 Mar 2019

Why JD(S) General Secretary Danish Ali will now be a punctual man

After a short meeting where the deal was inked, Danish Ali flew back to Delhi at 8.15pm, promising himself he would be a more punctual man. 

15 Mar 2019

INTERVIEW | Anyone can contest in a democracy: Nikhil Gowda on Sumalatha’s candidature

The actor, who is at the centre stage of Mandya politics, shared his views on local politics, rival candidates, his relations with family members and a lot more...

04 Mar 2019

My statement was misunderstood, not an iota of politics in it: B S Yeddyurappa

I have seen many ups and downs in politics and tolerated all kinds of odd situations and statements. Nobody has understood my statement.

02 Mar 2019