Gita Govinda through Mohiniyattam

An interpretation of the lyrical epic Gita Govinda, composed by 12th-century Sanskrit poet Jayadeva, was showcased in Delhi on Friday at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.

24 Aug 2019

A good photographer needs fire in the belly, says award-winning photojournalist Raghu Rai

On the occasion of World Photography Day, The Morning Standard interviews renowned Delhi-based photographer Raghu Rai.

19 Aug 2019

Skin tales: A finer nuance at Delhi’s Threshold Gallery

Eight artists associate many narratives and use various mediums to the longest organ of the human body, the skin

18 Aug 2019

Eight artists from northeastern states cut the barbed wire

Many northeast Indians battle with being viewed as the ‘outsider’ and a new art show attempts to correct that.

17 Aug 2019

'Divine Interventions' to unveil in Delhi

The exhibition, which includes 50 sculptures and paintings by artists P Gnana and G Subramanian, will display various depictions of Lord Krishna.

15 Aug 2019

‘Public art holds cities together,’ Delhi artist shares thoughts

Delhi-based artist Neeraj Gupta is all set to represent India at the upcoming Beijing International Art Biennale.

14 Aug 2019

A fresh take through artists’ lens

Among a total of 200 applicants, these four artists were chosen by art researchers and artists, such as Hanif Qureshi, Premjish Achari and Samit Das.

12 Aug 2019

A treasure trove of Indian art writing

Art critic Prayag Shukla’s anthology celebrates his exclusive writings on prominent Indian artists from the 1960s.

11 Aug 2019

Warm camaraderie born from art

Collectively Independent 2019, is curated by Gaurav Chawla and Ruchi Chadha of Inner Konnect Art, a group they formed in 2012 to promote lesser-known artists in the country.

10 Aug 2019

Lynch Nation: Together we kill

Lynch Nation, a documentary on India’s mob lynchings, states how it is not always a good thing when people stand together.

01 Aug 2019

All the single ladies...

In a tête-à-tête, journalist Kalpana Sharma discusses the anthology of short stories by 12 exceptional single women that she compiled into Single by Choice 

29 Jul 2019

From Bengal to Delhi

An ongoing group show at Delhi’s Gallery Espace titled Shifting Horizon, brings together 20 young artists.

29 Jul 2019

Adding new narratives to Mahabharata in Delhi

The Mahabharata, directed by Puneet Issar, to be staged as a play in Delhi this weekend

27 Jul 2019

A Window to Iran in Delhi

An ongoing photography show in Delhi is paying an ode to Persian culture.

26 Jul 2019

The screen adaptation of books suits all

The plus point is that if you don’t get enough time to exhaust the pile of critically-acclaimed books on your bedside table, you have a movie to fall back on.

24 Jul 2019

A Perfect Rendition of Guru-Shishya Parampara in Delhi

Dhriti Swarup, student of Padmashri Dr Shovana Narayan, has been practicing Kathak as early as the age of seven.

23 Jul 2019

A breath of Oxygen

Aryavir Kumar, Founder of OxyPure, launched the outlet in Delhi, in view of the city’s pollution.

22 Jul 2019

Why are we scared to imagine our future?

A new exhibition explores why we are not imagining utopia anymore

21 Jul 2019

New Steps in Bharatanatyam

Priya Venkataraman is set to take 50 of her students on stage with upcoming production, Dance Kaleidoscope

17 Jul 2019

Where yoga and dance meet

Acclaimed Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan and well-known yoga practitioner Anita Dua have turned co-authors to bring out Illuminating Indian Classical Dances through Yoga.

14 Jul 2019

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