Bibek Debroy

Economics and its many colourful definitions

There are no free lunches. Everything free has a cost somewhere down the line, even if that cost tends to be hidden. Sometimes, costs are borne by future generations.

23 May 2023

India’s myriad tongues and the English debate

There are countries that have suppressed other languages and forcibly imposed the most-spoken language on everyone else, seeking to standardise and harmonise.

15 Apr 2023

‘Exit’ the magic word to revamp education system

Everyone has skills. But that’s not the same as saying the market values those skills. There is the issue of whether the higher education system delivers those marketable skills.

01 Apr 2023

'The Earth Transformed: An Untold History' book review: Cause and colossal effect   

Written engagingly, the book is akin to a unified field theory of climate change and human behaviour.

24 Mar 2023

Travel cultures and concepts of clean living

We take off footwear before entering the house. We don’t readily shake hands. We wash hands frequently. These are worth thinking about before we follow the American dream.

18 Mar 2023

Why domicile status is not relevant to India

As a citizen, I should have the right to study, work and die anywhere within the country.

04 Mar 2023

The necessity of taxing farmers’ income in India

Income taxes must be paid if one’s income is above a threshold, irrespective of whether one is a farmer.

21 Jan 2023

'Rishi Sunak: The Rise' book review: Written in vain

There is a parallel with the present book. Rishi Sunak, after a succession battle within the Conservative Party that involved standing against Truss initially, became PM in October.

20 Jan 2023

India’s growth prospects in the New Year

Economic forecasters are as unsure as astrologers, and the track record of either set on past projections is far from perfect.

07 Jan 2023

Much to be unhappy about in growth times

Happiness research relies on subjective responses to questionnaires. Happiness is itself a subjective emotional state with a meaning that will vary from person to person.

05 Dec 2022

India’s growth trajectory: The Shakti In The Gati

Beyond 2022–23, if India grows at say 7%, does that mean labour productivity will grow at the same rate? Of course not. There will be jobs, much more than the 6 million in 5 years mentioned in Budget

02 Feb 2022

Coronavirus origins: A trout in the milk

Contrary to the fair idea most people have, circumstantial evidence alone is sufficient to convict, both in civil and criminal cases, even in the absence of direct evidence

19 Jun 2021