Insular world chipping away at globalisation

Advanced economies that have adopted the ‘make it domestic’ policy had influenced the developing world to allow market forces to guide the industrialisation process.

30 Jul 2022

Plenty for India to think about after WTO meet

While our country had significant stakes in the trade body's ministerial conference, have the outcomes met India's expectations?

25 Jun 2022

Deal can take Indo-Australia trade ties to next level

Now that the government is feeling optimistic about India’s gains from FTAs, can it put in place suitable mechanisms to ensure that the projected gains are realised?

23 May 2022

Challenges for India’s agriculture exports

India has consolidated its position in the global markets for rice and wheat and its exports are rising. But this is where the good news ends.

26 Apr 2022

India-UAE trade deal breaks new ground

The CEPA covers the widest possible array of subjects and includes areas like digital economy. It marks a turnaround from the Centre’s deep-seated scepticism about bilateral FTAs

21 Feb 2022

Addressing dependence on China as trade rises

Less than a year and a half following the initiatives of the government to decouple from China, India’s trade links with its northern neighbour have increased like never before.

24 Jan 2022

India’s export performance may save its economy

Although domestic demand remained at a low ebb, the economy was kept buoyed by strong export growth. The current fiscal may end with trade playing an important growth trigger.

01 Jan 2022

India needs a comprehensive agricultural policy

For almost every sector of the economy, governments have laid down clear policies. But for farming, they never went beyond a draft prepared by the NDA at the turn of the millennium

03 Dec 2021

Expectations from WTO’s 12th ministerial meet

Thus, trade has become a driver for many economies including India, compensating for the continued sluggishness in domestic demand.

07 Nov 2021

US moves can aid China’s economic expansion plans

Biden’s foreign policy initiative in the Indo-Pacific hinges solely on forging a strategic partnership. The critical economic dimension has been ignored, at least for now,

08 Oct 2021