Charukesi Ramadurai

On the Tiger Trail

Keen enthusiasts claim that forests such as Bandhavgarh and Ranthambhore offer better chances of tiger sightings.

23 Mar 2019

Melbourne's mysterious musings

The Australian city’s charm lies in its easy-going European feel; alfresco cafés, cosy neighbourhoods, cobblestoned lanes and large green spaces.

25 Feb 2017

All along the northeast tower

Although Shillong seems like another noisy town, it needs a scratch under the surface to see its innate beauty.

24 Dec 2016

The hills are alive

The writers journey to Binsar

02 Jul 2016

Footprints of Yore Awash in Stone

The rain is crashing down outside the window of my room in Sawantwadi, the perfect weather for endless cups of adrak chai.

13 Feb 2016

Cities of Two Tales

10 Oct 2015

Where Wild Things Wander

The Bandipur Tiger Reserve, uniquely located along a highway, presents sightings of animals on the road, and everyone who has driven the route has an elephant-crossing tale to tell.

07 Aug 2015

Where Rishikesh Meets Goa

Gokarna is also a typical seaside town where beach bums throng, lured by the song of the waves.

23 Mar 2015

Time's Own Trinket

Hyderabad is a city of secrets where old eras preserve their coy privacy well. Charukesi Ramadurai takes a walk through streets fragrant with living cultures, both glorious and banal.

15 Nov 2014

Losing The Fear of Flying

Ziplining through the ancient foliage of the Blue Grotto forest in South Africa, Charukesi Ramadurai shares the novel sensation of flying straight on to a waterfall.

23 Aug 2014