Chithra Madhavan

A historic temple with rare deities

Goddess Lakshmi in this temple is called Soundarya Valli Thayar and the Utsava-murti of this deity is worshipped as Gajalakshmi.

11 May 2021

A deity made of fig wood

The imposing and majestic image of Vanamutti Perumal, approximately 14 feet in height, is in a standing pose, holding the Sankha and Chakra in the upper hands.

04 May 2021

Where God Siva appeared as a peacock

It is the thirty-ninth temple on the south bank of River Kaveri to be extolled in the hymns of the Nayanmars.

27 Apr 2021

Images of River Goddess seen in this temple

Mayiladuthurai is a historic place and the part of it known as Thiru Indalur, is home to the Parimala Ranganatha (Vishnu) temple.

24 Apr 2021

An exclusive abode for the Goddess of knowledge

Saraswati, the Goddess of learning, is much worshipped in homes, but temples for this Goddess are rather rare.

13 Apr 2021

Krishna is all-important in this temple

The Rajagopala Swami temple in Mannargudi is one of the famous Vishnu temples in Tamil Nadu.

06 Apr 2021

A unique shrine for Lord Yama in this temple

According to tradition, Goddess Ganga worshipped here to clense herself of the sins left by devotees who bathed in her waters.

30 Mar 2021

Where the deity is offered a special sweet

The traditional name of this place is Thirupernagar. It is said that Appala Rangan once saved Indra and thus the small hill on which the main sanctum is located is called Indra Giri.

23 Mar 2021

The landmark temple of Kumbakonam

The Siva temple dedicated to Kumbeshwarar or Adi Kumbeshwarar is probably the best-known one in Kumbakonam.

16 Mar 2021

Where Perumal holds the chakra in a unique way

The original temple, which was originally north of the present location, in the middle of River Kollidam, was washed away by floods.

09 Mar 2021

A gem from the early Chola era

One among the many Siva temples in Kumbakonam is the well-known shrine dedicated to Nageshwara Svami originally called Thirukilkottam.

02 Mar 2021

Lord Siva’s Nandi worshipped Lord Vishnu at this temple

Dakshina Jagannath is another name for this place since it is located south of the famous Jagannath temple in Puri (Orissa).

25 Feb 2021

Image of river goddess enshrined here

Therezhundur, a small village near Mayavaram is well-known because of a Vishnu temple there, wherein the deity is worshipped as Devadiraja Perumal.

26 Jan 2021

Temple enshrining a unique Garuda

An epigraph on the north wall of the main shrine, belonging to the reign of Emperor Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagar Empire dated 1517 CE, records his eastern conquests.

19 Jan 2021

Of early Chola vintage

The famous Nayanar, Thirugnanasambandar of the 7th century A. has sung in praise of this deity.

13 Jan 2021