Divya Purushotham

Work your bowels, naturally

Speed up your digestion with these natural laxatives, which promise relief without any side-effects:

07 Feb 2018

Super seeds that help you grow

Though small in appearance, seed pack a great punch of nutrients. They contain all the nutrients required for a plant to grow and hence their role in nutrition can not be dismissed.

31 Jan 2018

Eat these and shine from within!

Watch what you eat, because it affects the way your skin looks. Here’s how you get healthy skin:

24 Jan 2018

Superfoods to catch up on zzz’s

Getting extra hours of sleep is not only necessary but also beneficial for your health. In day-to-day life it is important to maintain physical and mental health.

17 Jan 2018

An egg-cellent way to give your diet a boost

As a nutritionist in clinical practice, I have come across questions like, ‘Are eggs healthy?’, ‘Can I eat egg yolks too?’, and ‘Wouldn’t eating egg yolks raise my blood cholesterol levels?’ There hav

10 Jan 2018

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