Should all our children be Covid jabbed now?

It is scientifically known that the rate of vaccine adverse events in general and Covid jabs in particular are inversely proportional to age

20 Oct 2021

Covid vaccination reveals global fault lines

Vaccine nationalism and discrimination show that no matter how much rich countries and the global community talk about cooperation, the reality is different.

04 Oct 2021

Is Kerala Covid situation a cause for concern? 

Kerala was more successful than any other Indian state in slowing down the transmission as noted in the 4th national sero survey. This meant that it had proportionately more susceptible population...

31 Aug 2021

Making sense of the fourth national sero-survey

The findings of the fourth nationwide sero-survey provide useful insights on a possible next wave, opening of schools and targeted ramping up of vaccinations.

26 Jul 2021

It’s time to consider reopening schools

Some of the apprehensions on opening schools are based upon alarmist discourse, such as the claim that a third wave of Covid-19 would primarily affect children.

14 Jul 2021

Waiting for a people-centric Covid vaccine policy

The cost of vaccines in the private sector, which in the end would have to be borne by the citizens, is now 5 to 9 times higher than what the government would be paying for the vaccine.

01 Jul 2021