Gainers from the pandemic maelstrom

It’s not all poetry either, as the middle-class gent is discovering.

12 hours ago

The most vulnerable face exclusion from the safety net

Casual workers in foreign surroundings, when they face disruption, rush to make their way back home to seek the comfort and support of their families.

29 Mar 2020

What is the cost of COVID-19 misery? When will this end?

How do you calculate the human cost of 11,000 lives and counting; and 2.50,000 still fighting for recovery?

22 Mar 2020

Income tax cuts welcome, but fine print reveals growth stimulus is missing

If we were hoping for a major stimulus in the budget to counter the slowdown and breathe some life in the markets, it is not there.

01 Feb 2020

Old entertainment giants merge to fight competition from Netflix

On Thursday, AT&T announced it had completed the acquisition of Time Warner for an estimated $85 billion.

15 Jan 2020

New push back on SEBI’s edict to split top corporate posts

The idea is to bring in international best practices to avoid concentration of power in the hands of promoters and owners

12 Jan 2020

Big forest covers build booming economies

Overall, the forest cover has gone up 3 per cent since 2011 – an increase of over 20,000 square kilometres.

05 Jan 2020

Donald Trump faces problems, but economy is not one of them

According to a poll, 76% of the voters, up from 67% last year, saying the economy is in good shape, the highest approval rating since year 2001

29 Dec 2019

Internet a basic right, don’t gag it!

The current Internet blockade in Kashmir is the longest the country and perhaps the world has seen.

22 Dec 2019

Recession or not, fresh economic data paints gloomy picture

There are some cautious positive predictions for a growth-oriented world in 2020.

15 Dec 2019

Bullet train or 8 lakh homes for Mumbai’s poor?

Maharashtra is servicing a debt of Rs 4.71 lakh crore, and an additional Rs 2 lakh crore is committed to ongoing projects.

08 Dec 2019

Time to end the ‘legal’ corruption of electoral bonds 

Revelations show that objections of the RBI and the EC have been systematically stone-walled and ignored to bring in a first-in-the-world version of opaque political funding

01 Dec 2019

Is the winter of discontent over for Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd chairman Subhash Chandra?

In a poignant letter written in April, Subhash Chandra apologised to the financial community for the stock crash.

24 Nov 2019

Making of telecom into a one-horse industry

The next day, telecom joint venture Vodafone Idea declared India’s largest corporate loss ever for Q2 at Rs 50,922 crore.

17 Nov 2019

Diwali marked by both splurge and resistance

The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras is seen by believers as the right time to acquire assets like homes and cars.

03 Nov 2019