Gurbir Singh

Allowing electoral bonds is a letdown for the voter

The Supreme Court, by failing to stop the issue of electoral bonds from April 1, has once again wasted a golden opportunity to clean up institutional corruption.

04 Apr 2021

About time water transportation got a bigger push

Internally, India has a rich riverine geography crisscrossed by the Himalayan and the south’s peninsular rivers.

21 Mar 2021

Expanding digital controls narrow space for news, OTTs

The government has been clearly uncomfortable with the unregulated digital space that continues to challenge its writ.

07 Mar 2021

The world of star-gazing and the toll it takes

Covering the media and entertainment beat for The Economic Times at the turn of the century, more than two decades ago, proved to be quite exciting for this writer.

28 Feb 2021

Finally, Google and Facebook will begin paying for ‘free’ news

While news organisations either fold up or retrench journalists to stay alive, these social media Goliaths continue to do well.

21 Feb 2021

Yes man: The rise and fall of Rana Kapoor

Rana Kapoor exhibited his killer instinct of eliminating competition early by removing all traces of his partners as soon as he could.

14 Feb 2021

From Rihanna to Vodafone, India is out of step

From the messy barricades on Delhi’s borders, the farmers agitation has moved to digital space. And everyone is wearing ‘nationalism’ on their sleeve.

07 Feb 2021

To bloom, music industry needs a free market

There is no country in the world like India which has such a diverse music culture. Bhangra, rap, classical, you name it.

31 Jan 2021

Apex court’s entry hardens farm laws battle lines

The intervention of the Supreme Court in the ongoing farm laws imbroglio has confounded the chaos.

17 Jan 2021

Trump’s last stand  as America lurches leftward

The world is still trying to come to terms with the images of thousands of Trump supporters on Wednesday invading the United States of America’s seat of legislative power, the Capitol. 

10 Jan 2021

The job conundrum and rising human stress

In October this year, the unemployment rate rose to 6.9 per cent, the highest recorded in the last two years. Employment further declined in November.

03 Jan 2021

Overriding the states: The onward march to unitary government

One of the big gripes of the farmers agitation against the new agricultural laws is the way they were passed.

20 Dec 2020

The media’s murder and marijuana trial we all want to forget

As the year draws to a close, one sour memory we will want to forget is the shameful media trial of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, and the witch hunt of his partner Rhea Chakraborty.

13 Dec 2020

The grapes of wrath spill over on Delhi’s barricades

In this case the smear campaign is not sticking.

06 Dec 2020

When corporates play the nationalist card

There is a full blown battle on between Amazon and Reliance Retail over the latter’s proposed acquisition of Future Retail.

29 Nov 2020

Exit polls pile up more misses than hits

Television news channels, after the earlier TRP fiasco, have now had their credibility dented with the Bihar elections.

15 Nov 2020

Biden win heralds better trade, more open borders for India

Looking back, it appears our Prime Minister miscalculated by a long shot.

08 Nov 2020

Home buying picks up as prices continue south

These are speculative conclusions as Diwali, considered an auspicious time to buy big ticket products like a home or a car, cannot be taken as a persisting trend.

01 Nov 2020

Tanishq and the threat to creative entrepreneurship

It’s now pretty clear that religious bigotry has become a drag on the economic future of the country.

25 Oct 2020

News channel investigators are now the accused

BARC tried to make the system more robust by boosting the number of sample homes from the old, narrow base of just 12,000 to currently 44,000 homes.

18 Oct 2020

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