Gurbir Singh

MBS, Khashoggi and the making of a rogue state

Aljabri now claims that the Saudis and MBS had sent an assassination squad to Canada to try to kill him, and that members of the squad were part of the team that murdered Khashoggi.

08 Aug 2021

The odds are stacked against Jhunjhunwala’s airline

It’s a wonder how perfectly successful and intelligent businessmen have suicidal tendencies.

02 Aug 2021

Is the Zomato IPO euphoria sustainable?

There is a big buzz about the Zomato IPO. The online food delivery service has caught the investors’ eye and the Rs 9,375 crore offer has seen over-subscription 38.24 times.

25 Jul 2021

As climate devastation spreads, EU sets a welcome, harder pace

China’s key cites like Beijing and Shanghai are facing hotter and longer summers, and wetter rain months. 

18 Jul 2021

Trumpism in command as Republicans head toward a split

For liberals the world over, it raises the frightful possibility of meeting Trump again as presidential hopeful in 2024.

18 Jul 2021

India needs to settle with Cairn Energy and the rest

The tax department seized and sold a 10 per cent stake in Cairn’s Indian operations in lieu of tax claims for purported capital gains related to restructuring of the company in 2006.

11 Jul 2021

A communist party that helms state capitalism

Unlike many a Communist Party that withered away, the CCP has grown on the back of a nationalist agenda.

04 Jul 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Coke kick is a terrific health message

From a marketing point of view it was a disaster for Coke, but it survived. 

20 Jun 2021

It’s tough to put the cyber genie back into the bottle

The way things were panning out between Twitter and the Union government, it seemed we were going the Nigeria route.

13 Jun 2021

Fuel prices are killing both consumer and consumption

It was a milestone for fuel price watchers. A couple of days ago petrol crossed Rs 100 a litre in Mumbai, and in several cities in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

06 Jun 2021

Farmers protests: The marathon men at Delhi’s gates

The Narendra Modi regime, in the last two years, has faced two serious mass mobilizations-the anti-CAA agitation and the farmers protest.

30 May 2021

An over-heated earth is churning up monster cyclones

A fter Cyclone Phyan struck the western coast around Mumbai in 2009, the region has been ravaged twice in less than a year by two monster cyclones.

23 May 2021

COVID-19 crisis: Vaccine apartheid has to be ended quickly

The rationale of the intellectual property rights waiver is that multiple centers of vaccine production can be started in several middle- and low-income countries.

09 May 2021

Whither Atmanirbhar Bharat?

As recently as 2018, during the Kerala floods, we turned down Rs 700 crore in aid promised by the UAE.

02 May 2021

Coal polluters challenge Joe Biden’s climate commitments

To stress that the US’ money was where its mouth is, Biden announced the US would double aid for developing countries fighting environmental degradation.

25 Apr 2021

Making rogue corporations more accountable

Capitalism, the dominant international economic system, is all about private ownership and investment driving business with the object of making profit.

18 Apr 2021

The second wave will be tougher than we thought

It’s a full blown coronavirus second wave the country is facing; and its debilitating impact on economic recovery and peoples’ lives is being underestimated.

11 Apr 2021

Allowing electoral bonds is a letdown for the voter

The Supreme Court, by failing to stop the issue of electoral bonds from April 1, has once again wasted a golden opportunity to clean up institutional corruption.

04 Apr 2021

About time water transportation got a bigger push

Internally, India has a rich riverine geography crisscrossed by the Himalayan and the south’s peninsular rivers.

21 Mar 2021

Expanding digital controls narrow space for news, OTTs

The government has been clearly uncomfortable with the unregulated digital space that continues to challenge its writ.

07 Mar 2021

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