Harish Bijoor

When man bites dog, it can be fake news

Fake news is possibly as old and durable as history. But it has become so pervasive that one cannot sift the truth from the lie, leave alone the half-truth from the half-lie

13 Sep 2021

This flying bus can’t be missed

Last week, something exciting happened that many missed. India now has a more liberal and less fearful set of rules and regulations that will govern the use of drones 

31 Aug 2021

Ekashringa versus old business  

The world of the unicorn seems to be here now, pushing old businesses into scramble mode. The valuation they took over 80 years to achieve is being exceeded in just about 10 by the start-ups

17 Aug 2021

Direct to consumer back through digital

The beauty of D2C is the fact that it disintermediates the selling and buying process. There is no intermediary, no e-commerce platform in between

04 Aug 2021

India burns: Air pollution & how to control it

According to reports, 22 out of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Each of us is a silent contributor to this problem and there is a dire need to address it.

19 Jul 2021

The perpetual pursuit of happiness

Happiness is a key requisite all over the world and is indeed the right of every man, woman and child. The charter of every nation needs to incorporate this prominently

06 Jul 2021

Ronaldo and Coke: De-endorsement of brands is here

Are brands saying the right things to their customers? Is messaging that is going out totally loaded with the truth and nothing but the embellished truth?

22 Jun 2021

Time for a brand rejig: A credible India ahead

The current theme 'Incredible India' has served the nation long enough now. It has done well to date, but I am not sure it will continue to do so.

08 Jun 2021

No one is safe until everyone is safe

The pandemic has shown us that it is now time to think in the language of all as opposed to the language of the competitively ahead in modern society

25 May 2021

The need for businesses to get sensitive

The BCCI and IPL management should have cancelled IPL 14 altogether at the altar of the pain that India is going through. Viewers, fans and even non-viewers of IPL would have appreciated this gesture

11 May 2021

COVID-19: Private sector and pandemic management

The second wave cannot just be addressed by governments and existing governance machinery in 
place. It is time for businesses to also lend a hand

27 Apr 2021

Making the world more elderly friendly

Most societies favour the young and consider senior citizens to be a burden. Is this fair? Must we not seek to fight against ageism?

13 Apr 2021

The world’s new super-currency waits for no man 

While today’s consumer values both time and money with some degree of yin and yang equity, tomorrow’s consumer is likely to prefer the former more 

31 Mar 2021

Managing the burgeoning Indian city

The bigger a city gets, the bigger seem the problems. All cities have the same problems of water, electricity and garbage, the solution to which is local self-governance 

16 Mar 2021