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Food safety goes for a toss as adulteration gangs thrive in Visakhapatnam

A series of raids conducted by Food Safety and Vigilance officials at godowns and small-scale food processing units has brought to light the trend of adulterated, inferior quality food items, edible o

17 Jan 2018

Andhra Pradesh stands fourth in sexual harassment cases; 463 minor victims in 994 rape cases reported last year

 In a dubious distinction, Andhra Pradesh stands fourth in the country in the sexual harassment cases, according to the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

01 Dec 2017

Thotlakonda Buddhist heritage site in Andhra Pradesh becomes boozers’ paradise

The hilltop heritage site abutting the Rushikonda beach, where the Hinayana Buddhism thrived around 2,000 years ago, now has empty liquor bottles.

29 Nov 2017

Thotlakonda Buddhist heritage site becomes boozers’ paradise

With no adequate security, youngsters have made hilltop venue for late night booze parties

29 Nov 2017

AgriGold depositor dies after 2.5 hours in queue

A 58-year-old man who had deposited in AgriGold died of cardiac arrest while standing in queue for the ongoing bond verification programme on the premises of Bheemili Police St

26 Nov 2017

Suspension of trains to Araku takes a huge toll on cabbies

The closure of the damaged railway line to Araku for repairs ahead of the tourist season is taking a toll on the business of the local cabbies and auto drivers at Araku, Ananthagiri.

13 Nov 2017

Safety of destitutes goes for a toss in Vizag

The port city has reported several attacks on destitute women, apart from rapes and murders this year

25 Oct 2017

Minors team up with ganja mafia for school fees

Nestled in the dense forests 50 km away from the Paderu mandal headquarters are several tribal hamlets. 

21 Sep 2017

40 2-wheeler riders die in a month

On an average,  40 two-wheeler riders die every month in accidents in Andhra Pradesh for not wearing helmets and at least 28 lives are being lost every month because of non-wearing

15 Sep 2017

Smugglers cheat customers with fake opium for easy money in Andhra Pradesh

They prepare hash oil and add a few ingredients to make the contraband look like opium and are shifting to various areas in AP and neighbouring states.

11 Sep 2017

10 years later, still no justice for Vakapalli tribal women in Vishakapatnam gang-raped by greyhounds

Eleven women from the Vakapalli tribal group in Visakhapatnam agency region who were allegedly gang-raped by greyhounds in 2007 are still fighting for justice. 

01 Sep 2017

Are local criminals joining hands with Inter-state gangs?

As the Steel City grows by leaps and bounds, the rise in the number of rowdy-sheeters over the last few years has had citizens and police equally worried.

14 Aug 2017

Smugglers opting for new routes to evade cops 

With the authorities cracking the whip on the illegal ganja trade in Visakhapatnam Agency, the smugglers are exploring new routes to shift the contraband to various destinations, away from the watchfu

02 Aug 2017

Beware, fraudsters on the prowl on social media

Think twice before responding to the requests from unknown persons whom you befriended online as fraudsters are on the prowl on the social media looking for soft targets.

28 Jul 2017

Smugglers use sofa sets to shift ganja from Vizag 

As the Police Department is strengthening its enforcement teams to curb the illegal ganja trade, the smugglers are trying to outwit them by resorting to ingenious methods.

19 Jul 2017

Open drain, liquor outlet spell trouble for residents

The onset of monsoon has spelt troubles for the residents of Srinivas Nagar and Alluri Seetharama Raju Nagar in Kancharapalem Zone as the open drains have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

02 Jul 2017

Even before arrival of monsoon, overflowing drains become nightmare for Velampeta area

One man’s meat is another man’s poison goes the adage. This is what exactly the denizens of Velampeta experience whenever it rains.

11 Jun 2017

Andhra Pradesh drought: Bone dry at 1,000-ft deep in Kadapa, villagers gasp

District administration has already announced 32 mandals as drought-hit, officials say another 18 deserve the status.

19 May 2017

Ganja smugglers use women as ‘safe couriers’ to hoodwink cops in Visakhapatnam

Tribal women from poor financial background take up the job for easy money, say officials

12 May 2017

Upon astrologer’s advice, villagers in Anantapur cut down tree to appease rain gods

A few youngsters Express spoke to regretted the murder of the tree, but senior citizens and farmers are hopeful their act would please Vauna.

28 Apr 2017

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