My experiments with cooking

As a child, the only time my family got together as one unit was during lunch. It was more a matter of convenience than a family ritual.

08 Apr 2020

Memories Of Ramayan

The last few are an involuntary throwback to the ’90s. We are all stuck indoors, stepping out only to buy essentials and groceries.

01 Apr 2020

Lockdown lessons: Search for the silver lining

Yours Truly has recently discovered that most Indian cooking involves the same process of adding the same masalas.

25 Mar 2020

An Indian summer without the IPL ?

For the last 12 years, the Indian Premier League (IPL)was an integral part of my summers. Most Indian kids grew up watching and idolising cricketers, but I was different.

18 Mar 2020

How decades of street food diet increased my immunity

A mundane decision has never conflicted me so. I was having street food in my hometown Bhubaneswar.

12 Mar 2020

My Grandmother and Karuna-Virus

So it has happened, folks! Coronavirus has reached our shores and panic has spread among people. Every few years, a new virus knocks on our doors.

04 Mar 2020

Mr Trump, thank you, visit again

But while it might be just another visit as the leader of the gluten-free world, for us Indians it is a matter of celebration.

27 Feb 2020

The hot and cold of taking a bath

Throughout much of my childhood, I hated the idea of taking a bath.

25 Feb 2020

Shower saga: The hot and cold of taking a bath in India

Throughout much of my childhood, I hated the idea of taking a bath.

19 Feb 2020

When it comes to international cinema, we are all ‘Parasites’

The advent of February and March is a treat for Indian cinephiles in general, and Indian film critics in particular.

12 Feb 2020

Can you make sense of a chai-obsessed nation?

I was very young when I first noticed India’s obsession with chai. I had accompanied my grandmother to the Government Treasury so she could withdraw her pension.

05 Feb 2020

Dear Finance Minister, please introduce a Criticism Tax

It has been six years since the present government came to power, and there are two features of its functioning.

01 Feb 2020

An ode to Sankranti

Sankranti is usually never mentioned, and I have firmly believed that it is quite the underrated festival.

15 Jan 2020

Humans have created our own animal ranking system – the cute chain’

The recent bushfires in Australia brought along shocking images of destruction. The sky turned orange, reminiscent of a dystopian Mad Max movie.

08 Jan 2020

To be a grandfather without being a father

As the year draws to a close, it is time for my annual introspection.I usually do not subject myself to the Annual Introspection, but this is a unique year.

25 Dec 2019