Indumathy Sukanya

Kalaripayattu Needs More Takers

In its 16th year, the academy run by Ranjan Mullaratt offers beginners\' and advanced courses at `1,000

13 Apr 2015

Auto Driver Focus of Experimental Film

Vaishnavi Sundar from Chennai created a website and invited people to contribute to the making of her Kannada film The Catalyst

07 Apr 2015

Canine Behaviourist Wins Best Trainer Award

Shirin Merchant is the first Indian woman to receive the honour from The Kennel Club, UK

24 Mar 2015

Flying Solo by Choice

A spunky woman countered the regimentation of arranged marriages by creating an unusual matrimonial site

11 Mar 2015

The Real Taste of Hyderabad

This biryani joint on Mosque Road churns out handis of the rice and meat dish by the kilos and also has an array of Hyderabadi and coastal specialties on offer

21 Feb 2015

The Problem with Over-protective Men

Equality is a mirage in a culture that allows men infinite control over the women in their life

18 Feb 2015

Design Graduate Paints a Hundred Walls, Most for Free

Through The Happy Wall Project, Divya Ramachandran aims to build \'honest connection\' between people and spaces

17 Feb 2015

Top 5 Tamil Romances

12 Feb 2015

She Raps Yo Yo on the Knuckles

How a young woman uses slam poetry to take on the sexism rampant in Indian rap songs

04 Feb 2015

When Icons Deride Feminism

It is disheartening when famous women undermine the very movement that has given them the privileges they enjoy

07 Jan 2015

For a Hearty Breakfast

This small diner in HSR Layout provides a bang for your buck with its filling and affordable meals

03 Jan 2015

Advertising Beyond Gender Cliches

While most ads play to the gallery, a few dare to question sexist beliefs and allow women to be individuals and not just meek stereotypes

25 Dec 2014

Stock Up on Christmas Goodies

City Express tells you where you can get your last-minute fix of wine, cakes and cookies

23 Dec 2014

The Story of Norway’s First ‘Child Bride’

A global NGO faked the wedding of a 12-year-old to drive home a point

22 Dec 2014

It's a Rough World Out There for Women

At every turn, they are expected to fall in line and obey

04 Dec 2014

Musical Store Owner Collects 200 Harmonicas

Saket Jalan shares interesting anecdotes about his passion for this unusual instrument

19 Nov 2014

All Eyes on Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star’s latest magazine feature has received a polarised feedback on the Internet

17 Nov 2014

Anger is Valid, But Mobs Shouldn’t Dispense Justice

As crimes rise, we should also guard against thoughts of vigilantism, warn experts

10 Nov 2014

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