Indumathy Sukanya

When a Prank Goes Too Far

Rape charges have been filed against Sam Pepper who passed off offensive videos as ‘social experiments’

08 Oct 2014

Opposite Ends of the Beauty Spectrum

IPS trainee Merin Joseph and blogger Galit Breen are recent victims of the society’s double standards

24 Sep 2014

‘It is Not Easy to Walk Away From Abuse’

Women from around the world discuss domestic violence under #WhyIStayed

16 Sep 2014

Reporter's Facebook Note Becomes a Film

Made by a team of filmmakers from Mumbai, the video has crossed 11,000 views in a couple of weeks

10 Sep 2014

Challenging Our Perception of Beauty

Recent photo shoot of acid-attack survivors raises $14,054

19 Aug 2014

Following Gandhi Around Town

Artist Cop Shiva advocates non-violence through an exhibition at RBAMNS Bangalore

14 Aug 2014

App for Bibliophiles

Connect and exchange books with likeminded readers with the help of the app

13 Aug 2014

New App for Bibliophiles in Bangalore, developed by an IITan, helps users socialise and exchange books

12 Aug 2014

Acid-Attack Survivor Dreams of Going to Parsons, NY

Monica Singh undergoes her 44th surgery today, and yet, hates to be called a victim

02 Aug 2014

Women Take up Self-Defence Seriously

As the city reels under sex assaults, interest peaks in everything from Israeli martial arts to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

30 Jul 2014

Dancers Groove to tackle stigma

Dance and a social cause come together on a stage this Friday, as Rhythmotion, in

22 Jul 2014

The girl who learnt dance through a webcam

US-based Anoosha Sri will perform on Sunday

19 Jul 2014

Students design 3-wheeler

The hybrid vehicle runs on battery and petrol

24 Jun 2014

Where intruders hold sway

PG owners\' apathy and lack of security measures have left women feeling vulnerable

16 Jun 2014

Making Technology Palatable for Kids

Leading tech companies will take part in the fest

10 Jun 2014

The Brave Man Who Suffered Period Pain

Appalled by the high cost of women\'s hygiene, maverick innovator Arunachalam Muruganandam developed a production unit to make cheap sanitary napkins. A Kannada filmmaker is now writing a script on his awe-inspiring life

02 Jun 2014

'Say No to Brown Paper for Books'

A small study by Prashanth states that for a school of 1,000 students, 3,000 sheets are used, for which nine trees need to be cut

22 May 2014

When Cyber Trolls Cross the Line

Harassment on the Internet has become a very real issue for young teens and especially for women who have a strong online presence.

20 May 2014

Trust Teaches Kannada for Free

Non-Kannadigas in Bangalore now have a reason to learn Kannada. Kamala Goenka Foundation, the trust that recognises accomplishments in the field of literature, is now back with its free Kannada classes in the city.

05 May 2014

Internet Romance: Reality or Mirage?

There are two sides to every story, especially if it involves strangers meeting virtually for the first time and falling in love. Indumathy Sukanya explores what can go right or wrong in dotcom love

28 Apr 2014

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