J Santhosh

Memories of 16 Victims Lost in Jubilation Din

While the Supreme Court verdict on the assassins of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi 

19 Feb 2014

Libel Laws Forced Penguin to Pull Out Doniger’s Book

The recent controversy over Wendy Doniger’s book ‘The Hindus: An Alternative History’ has brought into focus the criminal libel laws in India which are widely considered as out of sync with international judicial trends.

15 Feb 2014

Rape cases in TN Went Up by 26 per cent in a Year

The sharp increase in rape cases has to be seen against the backdrop of the December 2012 Delhi gang-rape and murder of a para-medical student, which heightened national attention on sexual violence against women.

12 Feb 2014

Custodial Deaths Across TN Shoot up to an Alarming High

The year 2013 has witnessed a surge in the number of police custodial deaths, as latest statistics released by the State police show that as many as 15 people died while in police custody in Tamil Nadu.

11 Feb 2014

'People Turn to CoP Office Due to Apathy'

Acting on an order of a High Court judge, the city police have  advised the public to not directly file their complaints or petitions at the grievances cell of the city police commissioner’s office.

07 Feb 2014

Local Police, not CoP, Must be First Stop

Not a single day passes when the city police commissioner’s office is not in the news.

07 Feb 2014

'Our Approach to Road Safety Casual'

Latest road accident statistics released by Tamil Nadu police have shown that the State police are nowhere close to achieving the target they had set on road safety.

06 Feb 2014

Road Fatality Down a Tad, Nowhere Close to Target

First the good news. There were 612 fewer deaths in 2013 compared to 2012, according to the latest road accident statistics released by the Tamil Nadu police.

06 Feb 2014

CB-CID Triggers Row, Equates Jihad with Unlawful Activities

The CB-CID, which won kudos last October for nabbing two terror suspects hiding in Puttur, has now kicked up a controversy by implicitly equating the Islamic word ‘Jihad’ with ‘unlawful activities’.

25 Jan 2014

Khaki Stain Darkens

Remember how your blood boils when, in movies, a corrupt cop gets away literally with murder? Well, blurring the lines between reel and real, many police officers with greasy palms have actually been able to evade justice despite being caught red-handed. That has emboldened them to have another go at lining their pockets. A look at the dismal statistics of conviction is enough to prove that the scales of justice are tipped in favour of the khakhi-clad. J Santhosh examines the legal loopholes exploited by these officers

13 Jan 2014

Double-edged Laws Exploited by the Corrupt

While there is widespread demand that action against erring government officials should be swift and definitive to curb instances of corruption, those in legal circles point out that clauses that give certain immunity to officers often end up delaying prosecution.

13 Jan 2014

It's Time to Set up Police Complaints Authority: Experts

When a corruption case against a cop is examined by another police officer, there will always be doubts about its fair outcome.

13 Jan 2014

The Long Road to Safety

The seat-belt norm introduced in Chennai recently is part of a series of steps taken by the transport department to make road travel safer.

16 Dec 2013

'State Road Safety Council Now only a Mute Spectator'

A large part of the blame for the rising number of accident cases in the State is pinned on the police and the government.

16 Dec 2013

Police, Victims Kill Real Cause of Accident to Fool Insurance Firms for Compensation

How can any realistic evaluation or revamp of laws happen with evaluation of statistics? Since Tamil Nadu did not have a robust databank on road accidents, in 2007, the government undertook a major initiative to compile it.

16 Dec 2013

Nearly Half the Drivers are Unlicensed With Driving School Racketeers Making a Killing

No mechanism for road safety will work if you don’t have sensible drivers who have undergone proper and professional training.

16 Dec 2013

'Peeping Tom' at Toilet, Poor Hostel Infrastructure Put MU Students on Warpath

An alleged incident of a man peeping into the toilets of ladies hostel at Madras University’s Guindy campus triggered a protest from students who wanted the administration to immediately pay attention to the basic infrastructure needs on the campus.

13 Dec 2013

Section of Speculative Traders Opt for the Bitcoin Route in Tamil Nadu

Bitcoin, the global virtual currency that is creating a big buzz, is already being used by a certain section of investors in the State for online speculative trading.

11 Dec 2013

'Help us find our Tootsie'

Worried over their pet dog which had gone missing, a city-based couple have announced a ‘handsome reward’ for anyone helping them to trace it.

09 Dec 2013

Internet Acts as Ganja Glorifier, Claim Experts

The return of the drug culture to college campuses is partly attributed to Internet search engine Google by psychiatric experts who specialise in addiction concerns.

09 Dec 2013

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