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TN Cops Negotiated for Spyware to lift Data from Phones, E-mails

Leaked mails say team of hacking firm from Italy visited Chennai in 2011 to give the SB CID a demonstration

12 Jul 2015

Chennai Cops Gear Up for Day One of Helmet Rule

As Chennaiites were busy haggling with traders to get headgears, traffic policemen get acknowledgement receipts printed.

01 Jul 2015

30,000 Tamils Stuck in Saudi-Yemen War Zone

As the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s Houthi rebels intensifies, fear and anxiety seems to have gripped thousands of Tamil workers in the Saudi border town of Najran.

17 May 2015

30,000 Tamils Stuck in Saudi-Yemen War Zone

Lack of proper assurance from Indian Embassy leaves workers in the Saudi border town of Najran anxious

14 May 2015

Search for Middle Ground On Row over Marital Rape

With debate raging over the issue of whether a man can be booked for forcing his wife into sex, Express takes a 360 degree view and finds that activists, experts, politicians and lawyers are all on various ends of the spectrum

04 May 2015

Bill is Fine, Still Section 377...

While activists and members of the transgender community welcome the passage of the Bill in the Upper House which ensures them better recognition, the criminal law is still a thorn in the flesh for the third gender, it is widely felt

27 Apr 2015

Tanker Snuffs Out 5 Lives

The tanker, belonging to the Cantonment Board, was moving on the wrong side of the Old Trunk road when it brushed against a parked car damaging its headlight.

11 Apr 2015

Sweeping Out Bhushan-Yadav Duo May Split AAP in State

Given that the party had expelled those who were even seen along with Yadav and Bhushan, it was unlikely that the party high command would take a similar lenient view.

07 Apr 2015

Class X Boy, Aided by 3 Pals, Kills Teen for Trailing Sister

3 days after Gurunathan’s murder, 2 among them walk into police admitting to crime

31 Mar 2015

Scrapping of 66A to Let Loose Cyber Stalkers?

Police officers fear the SC order could handicap handling of cases involving misuse of electronic media as there is no specific law now to deal with them

25 Mar 2015

Will Abolition of Sec 66A Let Loose Women Stalkers?

As the section became a nullity from Tuesday, concerns are raised as to whether this would be a handicap in handling cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying cases.

25 Mar 2015

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