Jawhar Sircar

When governments set out to settle scores

Despite truckloads of criticism that are heaped on all governments all over the world, they are still looked upon to restore peace and order. 

14 Oct 2020

Migrant workers need more attention   

Unorganised workers require an exclusive labour law instead of being boxed into the new Code dedicated to the organised sector

01 Oct 2020

TV news spectacle is a dangerous distraction

The major difference between earlier media trials and the current obsession is that in the past, so many millions never neglected graver issues for titillations on television.

17 Sep 2020

The unifying Role of the Ramayana 

No other epic or religious text in the world has played such an indubitably assimilative role and linked so many scattered geographies by pegging them to its episodes

20 Aug 2020

Can the state assume the right to kill?   

No, we will not discuss Vikas Dubey. But we need to revisit occasionally that very shadowy zone where the state assumes the power to liquidate certain citizens.

23 Jul 2020