Jayaram Poduval

In search of the divine creator

It is interesting that the reference to Parusurama remains solely as creator of Kerala and not as a guardian deity. Kerala-specific festivals like Onam and Vishu hardly acknowledge Parasurama

13 Oct 2021

A country of many Gods: Spies for the Spice

When the Portuguese monarch was contemplating a direct trade connection to India, he wanted to take stock of the political situation in the Malabar.

21 Sep 2021

Vasco da Gama, an adventurous statesman

Vasco Da Gama was not an explorer like Columbus, Magellan and Bartholomew Diaz, but an adventurous statesman.

26 Aug 2021

NEP & the role of our art, design institutions 

The future generation of India is unaware of our heritage, since our education system could not creatively integrate cultural studies into the syllabi

05 Aug 2021

A country of many Gods: Visitor's book

It may be noted here that black pepper was the monopoly of Kerala till the 17th century when the Portuguese started the pepper plantations in Southeast Asia.

27 Jul 2021

A country of many Gods: Mapping the land

Something unique about Kerala is the fact that standing anywhere in Kerala, you are never far away from a temple, mosque or a church.

15 Jun 2021