Jiddu Krishnamurti

Freedom and love

 Considering there is so much violence, disorder and confusion in the world, not only in this country, but almost everywhere, it becomes more and more important to become very serious.

08 Apr 2021

Does self-knowledge come through searching?

After all, if one is seeking peace, one can find it very easily.

01 Apr 2021

Order and meditation

So, violence plays an extraordinary part in our life, we never ask whether the mind can be completely and utterly free from violence.

25 Mar 2021

The ending of conflict

It is not only in this Western world but in the East and Far East, and West, everyone is trying to become, or be, or avoid, and so on.

18 Mar 2021

Movement of thoughts

The movement of thought is not beauty.

11 Mar 2021

The way of knowledge

Revolution is the voluntary dissolution of this core, of this concept, whereas action born of self-perpetuating knowledge can only lead to greater misery and destruction.

04 Mar 2021

Being one with nature

Be really in communion with nature, not verbally caught in the description of it, but be a part of it, be aware, feel that you belong to all that.

25 Feb 2021

Seeking security

There is a difference between security and stability.

18 Feb 2021

Can the mind be free of fear?

So we are taking a journey together, not being led, someone ahead of you and you following in his footsteps.

11 Feb 2021

Light in oneself

So dying is very important to understand: to die, to die to everything that one knows.

04 Feb 2021

Power of observation

By watching, perhaps you learn more than from books.

28 Jan 2021

Movement that is timeless

Surely time is movement.

21 Jan 2021

Can any problem be solved in isolation?

They want a physical revolution to upset the social order in order to bring about a better order and they forget all the implications of physical revolution.

07 Jan 2021

Leisure and learning 

A school is a place of leisure, where the educator and the one to be educated are both learning. This is the central fact of the school-to learn.

17 Dec 2020

Obedience to the past is disorder

The decision is whether we continue with the past or find a way of living in which conflict in any form does not exist.

10 Dec 2020

What does it mean to be content?

I want to amount to something, get somewhere, and this urge naturally makes for discontent.

03 Dec 2020

Why should we get hurt?

Now how shall I approach this problem - you understand? What is my approach to it? Is my approach wanting to be free from this?

26 Nov 2020

How shall I know myself? 

Because if I don’t know myself and therefore am confused, whatever action I take must lead to further confusion.

17 Oct 2020

Art, beauty and creation

Most of us are constantly trying to escape from ourselves; and as art offers a respectable and easy means of doing so, it plays a significant part in the lives of many people.

10 Oct 2020

The mirror of relationship

We are together having a conversation, you as a separate human being, if you are separate at all, with the speaker.

05 Oct 2020

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