The manmade mountains of India

Take a plot of land and build one unit for one family, you get a one-off return. Take the same plot and stack up 20 units for 20 families, you realise 20 times the return.

09 Feb 2020

The storyteller who scripted my life

Mother enrolled me in an academy of equitation and horsemanship, and made me by far the youngest member of the North Calcutta Rifle Range.

11 Jan 2020

The multicoloured mosaic of India

India is vast space; space to accommodate the clamour of giant cities, teeming with the seething energy of millions, and the silence of empty solitudes.

08 Dec 2019

What price a loved one’s death?

One of the sisters in the family was stricken by an irreversible and fatal disease that attacks the auto-immune system and for which there is no known cure.

09 Nov 2019

In foreign parts, loo before you leap

When I first visited Britain many years ago, it truly was a green and pleasant land, its salubrity reflected in the plenitude of public loos.

12 Oct 2019

The Moveable Feast that is India 

The other evening our friend Chitra cooked us some spectacular Bangla ranna (Bengali cuisine).

21 Sep 2019

Kurukshetra replay: Landlords vs tenants

The way the landlord sees the tenant: Direct descendant of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, via Hizbul Mujahideen.

02 Mar 2019

When language laughs at our attempts to make use of it

They’re a writer’s nightmare, call them what you will: misprints, literals, typos, errata, printer’s devils.

04 Nov 2017