Jug Suraiya

Being an adaptable chameleon in India's caste of thousands

logic suggests that if having one caste is good, having several must be better

24 Sep 2016

Goa in rains, a green haven called champakali and an art encounter

But for once the ads didn’t lie. Monsoon Goa is all that they’d promised, and more.

27 Aug 2016

Want to go places? forget it, if you have an Indian passport

Seventy-odd years later things have changed a lot. Or have they? Today, Indian passports are a dime a dozen.

30 Jul 2016

Seamless Continuum of Mimesis and the Cosmic Principle of Plagiarism

A while ago, a report that a senior member of Delhi’s journalistic fraternity ‘borrowed’ without acknowledgement entire paragraphs.

13 Mar 2016

A Backpacker's Guide to India

In his debut novel, Patrick Jered writes of his adventures while tracing the origins of the ravanhattha

26 Apr 2015

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