Jyoti Punwani

Life after a lynching in Uttar Pradesh

In the recent Hapur lynching, one of the accused actually got bail because of a rigged First Information Report

18 Jul 2018

Who is a Maoist in India?

All through the UPA rule, any Adivasi leader who mobilised protests was termed a Maoist.  The NDA government is no different

20 Jun 2018

Whatsapp and a tale of two riots

In the age of social media, almost every incident is recorded on phones. Even then it is almost impossible to bring erring cops to justice

24 May 2018

An acquittal that erased hopes

Swami Aseemanand was recently acquitted in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case. For many victims, the fight has become meaningless

29 Apr 2018

Many faces of Love in modern India

A youth was killed by his partner’s family in the national capital. In this context, the Delhi govt’s festival to celebrate love is no less than a miracle

28 Feb 2018

Who will hear muslim women?

Rajiv Gandhi passed the Muslim Women’s Act in 1986 without hearing the women. The Centre shouldn’t repeat the error with triple talaq Bill

31 Jan 2018

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