The voices of citizens deserve to be heeded 

Nobody questions the sovereign decision-making powers of the government. But firmness of conviction is not synonymous with obstinacy of power

10 Sep 2020

Politics is a luxury during the pandemic

However, as the government is back to business, there will naturally be criticism and divergent political responses over decisions.

05 Aug 2020

Beware of corruption in post-COVID times

Economic recovery and ease of doing business should not sound the death knell for the necessary checks and balances in the system

16 Jul 2020

Unmasking of the uncaring state 

The question is not what the stimulus package addresses but what it chooses to ignore. The state ought to have first reached out to the most vulnerable

19 Jun 2020

Free ration is more real than free Wi-Fi

The stimulus follows textbook dictums on liberalisation and privatisation, while striking an unusual note on self-reliance, normally anathema to apostles of globalisation

27 May 2020

A new economic script is needed after corona

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged the dominant ideology and premises of economic growth in several countries across the world

23 Apr 2020

Unprofessional policing and its consequences

A professional police force has to distinguish itself by its commitment to the rule of law,  standard procedures and democratic rights

16 Mar 2020

Compassionate state a distant ideal?

While tough laws are needed to protect society, the lack of alacrity in administering welfare programmes makes the harshness glaring

30 Jan 2020

Longing for the feel-good factor in 2020

The joy of living has been eclipsed for the past few months by an abiding sense of fear, anger, frustration and shame

02 Jan 2020

Why is the govt privatising profitable PSUs?

Short-term financial exigencies should not be the Centre’s sole reason for disinvestment in core sectors like petroleum.

06 Dec 2019

Lok Sabha elections 2019: What talking points did our politicians ignore?

Political parties conveniently forgot to address five major issues during the election campaign, writes K Jayakumar.

22 May 2019

Bureaucracy in Kerala must be flexible

After the devastating floods, the daunting task of rehabilitation remains. How should the state government go about it?

05 Sep 2018

Relevance of ambedkar in today’s India

The social and economic justice that Dalits and tribals should’ve got long ago have still not reached them as facts show

18 Apr 2018