K Jayakumar

An important relationship that is under strain

The judiciary and the executive have a residual image of each other from various constitutional provisions. Conflict arises when the executive acts inconsistently with this picture.

27 Nov 2021

Climate change: Time for some unpleasant truths

While the vulnerable sections experience the tragic consequences of climate change, the politically and economically powerful ostriches still pretend everything is fine.

27 Oct 2021

The perils of selective memory

The educational ethos of a nation as multicultural and diverse as ours can ill-afford to be narrow and parochial. 

26 Sep 2021

Has the media lost perseverance?

The media, of course, always loves the latest news. But that is no reason to abandon worthwhile causes halfway without taking them to their logical conclusion

03 Sep 2021

Covid, loss of jobs, Pegasus ... fear is in the air

Fear marks the national mood today. Some fears are due to the pandemic and its attendant socioeconomic and psychological fallout, while some are induced by the state

04 Aug 2021

Revisiting policies and programmes is no weakness

The social and economic coordinates of pre-Covid times are no longer valid. So legislations designed with those inputs cannot be expected to achieve the desired objectives

05 Jul 2021

Silencing dissent is scoring an own goal 

Castigating those who criticise it makes any government an airtight chamber. Devoid of ventilation, the air inside the chamber is soon bound to be fouled

02 Jun 2021

The subtext of the election verdict

Though the encrypted political message in these results will be clearer only after a while, there are certain unmistakable moral lessons. 

05 May 2021

Alarming notes from electoral battleground

Democratic rituals have gradually lost their meaning in the Indian context. Manifestoes here satisfy the form without enriching the content of democracy

09 Apr 2021

Lok Sabha elections 2019: What talking points did our politicians ignore?

Political parties conveniently forgot to address five major issues during the election campaign, writes K Jayakumar.

22 May 2019

Bureaucracy in Kerala must be flexible

After the devastating floods, the daunting task of rehabilitation remains. How should the state government go about it?

05 Sep 2018

Relevance of ambedkar in today’s India

The social and economic justice that Dalits and tribals should’ve got long ago have still not reached them as facts show

18 Apr 2018