Kajal Basu

Pax Sinica and Pax Indica

Reflexive criticism of it proven wrong and hasty, Pax Sinica is now the talk of the day in the world’s diplomatic squad rooms about parlous emergent geostrategic circumstances.

23 Mar 2023

Defining fascism in the Indian context

The liberal in the US remains conflated with what in India would be seen as the Right. The Indian liberal almost invariably leans Left, which is far more Left than the American Left.

09 Mar 2023

Ballooning superpower rivalry

The balloon’s original surveillance target was likely Guam, but the weather skewed the balloon northward.

25 Feb 2023

Gullible investors and the market sharks

The stock market requires a constant scrutiny through checks-and-balances by institutions dedicated single-mindedly to what is a formidable, toilsome task.

09 Feb 2023

Conditioning content in a democracy

The government’s dichotomous response to the two episodes of the docuseries is perplexing.

28 Jan 2023

Rearming civilians and the matter of oversight 

On the other hand, what is not abstract is the involvement of members of the VDCs in criminality.

14 Jan 2023

Smart bot conversationalist

According to IT scuttlebutt, GPT-4 is expected to launch between December 2022 and February 2023.

24 Dec 2022

Reality check on climate goals

As its population rises and living standards improve, India is also poised to undergo sharp growth in areas that are particularly hard to decarbonise, such as the construction sector.

08 Dec 2022

Indian politics: The (mis)use of collective emotion vs public reason 

What had led her to hold the elections, in the first place, was, according to her coterie, her misbelief that she would win through a popular mandate: emotionalism.

28 Nov 2022

The Right and rising incidence of incivility on social media

The simplest and easiest way to understand online incivility would be to refer to the use of abrasive phraseology and abusive language, which forefront any discussion that tips over into incivility.

15 Nov 2022

India’s telecom bill mystery

This bid for all-encompassing supersurveillance has so far been unheard of anywhere in the world, even in dictatorships.

15 Nov 2022

Post-colonial India’s western fix

The UK’s new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has, by now, become a household talking point in India because of his subcontinental origin.

28 Oct 2022

CSR, an unjust drop in the ocean of social need

The worst of the CSR spend is not that it is directed at buttering up power, but that so much of it is misdirected and mislocated. The vast majority of CSR monies are spent in the top 10 states.

13 Oct 2022

GDP doesn’t always tell the true story

Beyond all these mystifying stats is a truism: that a growing economy is flagged by a quarterly GDP that is higher than the preceding quarter’s.

24 Sep 2022

The central politics of regional histories

 India’s maritime heritage goes a far longer way back than the PMO thinks it does: the best of naval times were, indeed, precolonial.

08 Sep 2022