Kaleeswaram Raj

When bulldozers threaten to raze democracy

The point, however, is the glaring dichotomy between the text of the law and judgments on the one hand, and their complete negation by the state at the ground level, on the other. 

04 Jul 2022

Casteism threatens constitutionalism

Indians have exported the prejudices of casteism abroad and the oppressed castes across the world need legal protection against this menace.

11 Jun 2022

Draconian laws must go forever

The trajectory of the cases in the Supreme Court challenging the sedition law (Section 124 A of the IPC) has been curious.

15 May 2022

Why Karnataka marital rape verdict is problematic

Case was not one challenging constitutional validity of exception under Sec 375. But what was not an offence at time of its commission cannot be termed as an offence by way of an interpretive process

15 Apr 2022

A case for reforming Lokpal and Lokayukta

The ombudsmen, brought in after the 2011 anti-corruption movement, have become powerless both at the Centre and in the states. What should be done to revive the institutions?

09 Mar 2022

Clothing and the right to religious freedom

Religious freedom is the hallmark of pluralism. While legitimate restrictions are to be accepted, irrational intrusion into religious notions should be averted.

07 Feb 2022

Legislating equality and fraternity

Communalism can be resisted, not by a different version of it, but only by constitutionalism. The politics of hatred need to be checked by politics of love and inclusiveness.

10 Jan 2022

AFSPA, a law warranting immediate repeal

The pity is that the statute as well as the forces that were designed for the people of the country unreasonably and unjustly burden them instead

14 Dec 2021

Pegasus order calls for cautious optimism

International targeted surveillance with a political agenda, to fulfil the interests of the market forces or of those who run the electoral autocracies, poses a civilisational threat.

15 Nov 2021

Lakhimpur, a question of human dignity

The law should be always above the politics of the day. However, in the UP model, the law is only an instrument of political power

18 Oct 2021

A Supreme Court of possibilities 

The Indian judiciary is at a crossroads. The CJI can do a lot in bringing in reforms in the system as demonstrated by Willy Mutunga, former Chief Justice of Kenya

23 Sep 2021

Concerns over judicial appointments 

The President of India has notified the appointment of nine Supreme Court judges by accepting the recommendation of the Collegium.

29 Aug 2021

Legislative immunity is not absolute

The very idea of privilege is colonial and there is mounting pressure across the Commonwealth countries to abolish the ‘special statuses’ for lawmakers

02 Aug 2021

Compassion and the court

Of late, one finds anger, anguish and exasperation on the Bench, not empathy. But compassion is not alien to our judiciary

11 Jul 2019

Addressing judicial misbehaviour

A constitutional mechanism to deal with the alleged crimes committed by judges needs to be designed

16 May 2019