Imran Khan gets besieged by mullahs

Imran is the Pak establishment’s man. But the Maulana who is leading a huge dharna outside Islamabad is also close to the army

08 Nov 2019

Bridge too far for greenhorn Imran Khan

Imran had landed on the centre stage of Pakistani politics as a Mr Fixit.

26 Oct 2019

Can we not go back to Gandhi and Jinnah?

October 7 marked the 61st anniversary of the first military takeover in Pakistan.

18 Oct 2019

Price of speaking out in Pakistan

Imran is trying to sell his K-narrative to the world. Meanwhile, Pak is busy persecuting a woman who stood up for human rights

01 Oct 2019

Political obsession will not help Pak

After New Delhi’s J&K decision, Imran stopped all bilateral trade. But there was one problem:  Pakistan has sourced most of its meds from India

13 Sep 2019

 No change of guard in Pak Army

With India reorganising J&K, Pakistan PM got the perfect excuse to giftwrap three more years to the man who wields real power, Gen Bajwa

30 Aug 2019

Did Imran Khan win over Trump?

Pakistan PM received a grand welcome after his US trip. Optics may have deluded Pakistanis into believing what they saw on TV was the truth

05 Aug 2019

Clouds over Pakistan’s judiciary

A video of a judge has gone viral in Pakistan. The clip has put a question mark over former 
PM Nawaz Sharif’s trial and conviction

24 Jul 2019

Can Imran mend fences with America?

Last year, Trump berated Pakistan for not doing a ‘damn thing’ for the US. Yet, he has now rolled out the red carpet for its PM 

16 Jul 2019

Imran hits corruption for a six

Naming and shaming corrupt politicians has been a no-go area in Pakistan’s culture. A cricketer and a judge are now trying to change it

25 Apr 2018

Are Mohajirs Pakistan’s Jews?

Muslims who migrated to Pakistan during Partition are now facing an ethnic backlash as the natives start asserting themselves

18 Dec 2017

Guess who’s back in Pakistan

Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif thumbs his nose at the Pakistani judiciary and is all set to regain the chairmanship of his party.

28 Sep 2017

For Nawaz, pride comes before a fall

Pakistan’s former prime minister takes his case to the ‘people’s court’ which he, erroneously, thinks is tilted in his favour

17 Aug 2017

Another nail in Sharif’s coffin?

Imran Khan is likely to make life hard for Nawaz’s successor Shehbaz, who is notorious for his short fuse and tantrums

31 Jul 2017

The Nawaz drama has just begun

The JIT report on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s business empire could spell doom for Pakistan’s first family

13 Jul 2017