Karan Bhasin

Exchange rates and our inherent weakness

Commentary and headlines that mention “rupee weakens”, etc., are incorrect and, as a matter of fact, it ignores the value of the rupee and the global economic context.

02 Aug 2022

Lest crypto go the Dutch tulip way

This is not a coincidence but by design as markets are nothing but an aggregation of individual households each deciding independently at the same time.

03 Jul 2022

Towards a data revolution in our nation

The fact that the National Statistical Office has been subject to several controversies regarding their surveys over the last few decades should be worrying.

28 May 2022

Gearing up for rate hikes and spillover effects

The year 2022 makes one recall the 2008 crisis when policymakers across the world got together with their staff to discuss responses to a major financial challenge.

02 May 2022

The need for evaluation of fiscal policies

In India, it is very difficult to stop a bad economic idea whose time has come, but there is a need for a rigorous assessment of the quality of expenditures by various state governments.

04 Apr 2022

Reflection on Budget and analyses about it

Even the harshest of critics have appreciated this Budget—and that is a testament to the ability of the finance minister and her team to stick to what is necessary for the economy.

10 Feb 2022

Economists shine, but not our policies

Indian economists have been successful globally. It is only natural, then, to ask why it is the case that there are frequent missteps by governments in India—both in the past and the present.

08 Dec 2021

Evergrande and the Chinese Mirage

Evergrande is not the only crisis at hand, as the rising world fuel prices have created a problematic situation for China.

07 Oct 2021