Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Lessons that China learnt from the Ladakh standoff

Beijing’s perceptions of New Delhi’s potential threats to its interests may force it to look for alternate ways of conflict initiation while retaining international credibility

23 Feb 2021

Islamic world in churn, outcome will dictate future geopolitics

The Arab-Israeli conflict is giving way to the sectarian one between Iran and Saudi. And there is the more energetic involvement of Turkey in the affairs of the Islamic world

21 Dec 2020

J&K factor in Indo-US relations: Grab the transition moment

There is some worry that the Democrats would be against Indian security interests. The next few weeks are crucial. Who must India engage with and what should it be talking about?

23 Nov 2020

On India-U.S. relations in the Biden-Kamala era

Trump has been a friend of India for four years. Yet, he had us on tenterhooks too with his non-traditional leadership. What would a Biden presidency mean for our relationship?

09 Nov 2020

Narrative control on J&K: A good beginning with ‘Black day’

To counter Pakistani spin, historic instances such as the resistance to its raiders by the people of  Kashmir in 1947-48 and 1965 need to be retold

27 Oct 2020

How New Delhi must counter Beijing’s hybrid war strategy

India’s pushback has to simultaneously address multiple fronts and domains with a clear aim in view.

12 Oct 2020

Ladakh stand-off: It’s time for strategic clarity

With close to 80,000 troops concentrated in balance on both sides of the LAC, the chances of a decisive military engagement appears close to zero.

14 Sep 2020

Rekindling J&K the Pakistan way

As nothing seems to have worked in its favour, it is in the field of international relations that Pakistan’s deep state reckons it has scope to show its people that it is making some efforts

17 Aug 2020

Reviewing J-K in the backdrop of an active Ladakh border

The security forces in Jammu and Kashmir have been extremely successful recently. But there is no room for complacency 

06 Jul 2020