Medha Dutta Yadav

A himalayan tryst with history

Pragpur, an idyllic village in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra Valley, is a 45-minute drive from the railway station, Amb Andaura.

18 Mar 2019

Art gets Indo-French confluence

French artist Maite Delteil talks about her recent exhibition and the impact of nature on her art.

16 Mar 2019

Myth busters: On checking facts and fake news

The recent airstrikes have put a new spin to the narrative almost every minute and with the general elections around the corner, fact-check is the buzzword.

16 Mar 2019

Wear spring on your skin

You smell so good’ is possible one of the best compliments one receives. Arguably, the most personal and intimate of beauty products, the choice of perfume reveals volumes about its wearer.

15 Mar 2019

A cup of health from Argentina

Known famously across Argentina—from where it originates—as the ‘drink of the Gods’, Yerba mate is your one-stop power source of nutrients and antioxidants.

03 Mar 2019

Persia on the table

Located on the third floor of the mall is Set’z, undoubtedly one of the good-looking restaurants in the city today.

02 Mar 2019

Art moves closer home

Step into the Lodhi art district in Delhi—touted to be the first-ever Public Art District in India—and you would be forgiven for thinking that you are in some Tim Burton film.

02 Mar 2019

Souza takes centrestage again

It was created in 1948 and for the next 50 years the artist kept it close to his heart.

24 Feb 2019