Naaz Ghani

Tossing treats at 12

Afnaan Ahmed’s quarantine baby — Afnaan’s Kitchen — serves uniquely flavoured pizzas that you can polish off with a side of Mexican coffee buns

17 Sep 2020

Clocking in a new craft

Smartphones, Apple watch and FitBit may have started telling us time differently, but the humble wall clock is still as functional and stylish.

17 Sep 2020

Unravelling unknown secrets

The event was inaugurated by Kamal Bawa, professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts, on Monday.

15 Sep 2020

On a green trail

Monsoon marks the beginning of something new.

10 Sep 2020

BCI’s meal plan for 70k strays 

Sweltering days (and nights) of sweat-drenched clothes are back.

08 Sep 2020

Madras Week celebrations: Naturalist Kumaran Sathasivam his experiences with dragonflies

In a webinar organised by the MNS as part of the Madras Week celebrations, Kumaran recounted his experiences with dragonflies and damselflies.

31 Aug 2020

Green lessons chopped

The removal of crucial chapters related to environment to allow ease of online education in the post-pandemic curriculum has caused a stir

27 Aug 2020

Making mediterranean memories

Munahiza’s Dessert Workroom treats your tastebuds to authentic, Turkish decadence

25 Aug 2020

Trunks in a twist

The pages of the Panchatantra are filled with intelligent birds, angry tigers and happy-go-lucky bears.

12 Aug 2020

Green lessons in fables

Be it by heritage passed on from one generation to another, by songs made rich by oral traditions, be it by page or the big screen, we return to stories to find our way.

11 Aug 2020

Woes on wheels: Chennai ambulance drivers on COVID-19 duty tell stories

With inadequate PPE kits, gruelling work hours and threat of infection, ambulance crew find themselves caught in the epicentre of the coronavirus...

10 Aug 2020

Honey, who shrunk our forests?

As the debate on ease of business vs conservation continues to rage, Naaz Ghani looks at six protected areas across India, where our lust for development has crushed the environment and its laws.

27 Jul 2020

The beauty of a beast

photographer shaaz jung zooms into his incredible experiences of walking and working in the wild while tracking the elusive and mysterious saya

25 Jul 2020

Not just a pest

The prolonged lockdown has given us the perfect opportunity to experience the delights offered by the flora and fauna around us.

25 Jul 2020

Canvassing to save the sanctuary 

As the protest to save Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary intensifies,young green champs wield the brush to paint their voice of dissent

21 Jul 2020

Hissing away hostilities

To do just that, today, on World Snake Day, Wildlife SOS will be hosting a webinar.

16 Jul 2020

Footing a frugal future

As migrant workers trudged along to cross borders, a collective of 15 volunteers stepped in to make their journey less gruelling

16 Jul 2020

Finding success formulas through failure

Through the nineteen chapters of the book, Vidhi discusses her own hurdles that taught her lessons in resilience and gratitude.  

14 Jul 2020

Pushing corporate boundaries

After so many years of the women’s liberation movement, equality and empowerment of this species continues to be a topic of debate and discussion.

13 Jul 2020

Fables of fluttering beauties

I wanted people to know more about the lesser-known fauna as well,” says V Sharan, an IT professional, and founder of Rhopalocera and Odonata Association of Rajapalayam (ROAR).

11 Jul 2020

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