Naaz Ghani

Kabilai Farm: Milking sustainable habits

Gopinath Baskaran’s Kabilai Farm supplies organic milk to conscious consumers in the city

06 Jul 2020

Pressure your way to stress relief

As a race we are witnessing history that is palpable but not palatable.

01 Jul 2020

Tales for posterity

From the bubonic plague to the Ebola outbreak, meticulous documentation of stories from the front offered enormous insight and, for the common man, much hope.

29 Jun 2020

Tamil Nadu's Narikurava community bead a living

India is a land of forgotten legacies. Like the bead jewellery made by the nomadic Narikurava of Tamil Nadu.

28 Jun 2020

What awaits India's Bio-reserves

The blowout not only endangered the lives of families in the vicinity but also wildlife as the oilfield lies in proximity to the Dibru Saikhowa National Park and the Maguri-Motapung Beel wetland.

24 Jun 2020

Zooming into zoonotics

Much is being done to understand the coronavirus that has endangered the lives of millions around the globe — its origin, its effects and of course, its possible extraction.

17 Jun 2020

Keeping the art of theatre alive online

There are two ways of looking at this pandemic.

16 Jun 2020

Coached by the coast

On World Oceans Day, fishermen Velappan and Palayam reminisce casting nets with their fathers, becoming baits to nature’s fury and tiding over tough times with the gentle touch of the waves

08 Jun 2020

Getting a drift of the draft

Experts discuss the  viability of the new draft  of the Environment  Impact Assessment notification, which has been under public scrutiny

04 Jun 2020

Nature’s got a wordsmith

Our knowledge about natural phenomena is limited.

03 Jun 2020

The harvest that hurt

No transport to take their produce for auction, relying on neighbouring villages to compensate for the loss, and disposing of several crops to rot — farmers of south India share tales of...

02 Jun 2020

Nature’s got a wordsmith

Our knowledge about natural phenomena is limited.

02 Jun 2020

A walk down the Sangam era

Madurai, the cultural hub of Tamil Nadu, known to have housed and incubated poets and scholars from the Sangam period, is believed to be the birth place of Tamil literature.

13 May 2020

Schooling future CEOs

 With schools shut and sports practices cancelled, homeschooling is now the new normal across most families.

12 May 2020

Coronavirus: Low-cost PPE, masks to get a new 'solution'

Currently, our daily gears are of two variants — either single-use PPE, or ones that can undergo disinfection for a maximum of ten times.

12 May 2020

A rough sail

Their business hit hard by the lockdown, thousands from the fishing community struggle to get ration, pay loans and stay afloat

05 May 2020

Trendy tresses

This lockdown, have a little fun with your locks. With just a comb, a few U pins and some colourful
flowers, you can style your hair, courtesy Hinduja Manuram from crown_hair_artistry.

04 May 2020

The green grainy picture

The sky is clear, the air is fresh and the birds are chirping excitedly. With humans out of the equation for the most part, nature has taken the reins to paint a green picture.

29 Apr 2020

Dial for a doctor

It’s 11 am on a Tuesday. Dr Charunjit Kaur keeps her phone close as she looks at the clock. A couple of minutes later the phone rings and she quickly picks it up.

28 Apr 2020

Hands-free upgrade for handwash

Ever since the health care sector in India has had to up their game to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, solutions to improve sanitation have been pouring in from various private collectives as well.

25 Apr 2020

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