Nanditha Krishna

The lessons that we learned from 2020

However, 2020 taught us several lessons that we would do well to remember.   

02 Jan 2021

‘Water, water, everywhere…nor any drop to drink’

In Tamil Nadu, every political party promises to clean Chennai’s rivers and desilt the tanks, but does nothing when in power.

05 Dec 2020

Factory farming of animals and climate change

India’s major contribution to the climate crisis is factory farming. It is also the main cause of animal suffering and abuse

07 Nov 2020

History is our legacy, can’t allow politicians to fritter it away

The Maharashtra State Education Board has removed the chapters about the Sultanate period and the Mughals, limiting Akbar to three lines, in history textbooks.

10 Oct 2020

Challenges of online learning—and remembering S.I.T.E.

The Covid-19 pandemic is here to stay. Until a vaccine and a definite medical solution are found, the threat of the illness and its disastrous consequences loom over us.

12 Sep 2020

NEP and education for the future

Finally, after 34 years, we have a new National Education Policy (NEP), which must power the country into the new century.

07 Aug 2020

A brief history of the tiger in India

An estimated 2,967 tigers live in India. But there are more tigers living in terrible conditions in roadside zoos in the US and bred as commodities for body parts in China’s tiger farms. 

18 Jul 2020