Navamy Sudhish

An anthem for equality

Emanmare song gets a sassy new spin highlighting gender justice

10 Apr 2017

In sync with the mizhavu

Meet Kapila Venu, artist extraordinaire and the recipient of this year’s Kumar Gandharva Award 

08 Apr 2017

Varalaxmi back in Mollywood

Varalaxmi who has previously played an acclaimed role in the Malayalam film Kasaba, is now returning to the industry for Arun Kumar Aravind’s Kattu that stars Asif Ali and Murali Gopi.

06 Apr 2017

Overcoming taboos

Shyama is the first transgender in Kerala to receive a merit scholarship to pursue her studies

05 Apr 2017

Lured by wanderlust

Appoppanthadi, the all-woman travel group, has  covered a string of destinations in one year

05 Apr 2017

Say no to pickles, icy drinks and heavy carbs this season

Dehydration, sunburn, allergies and fatigue- summer sun is bound to bring on a pile of warm-weather woes. 

29 Mar 2017

Portrait of an artist

Santhosh Keezhattoor pays homage to an unsung actor through his solo play Pen Nadan.

28 Mar 2017

Endless cries of angst

Brush and canvas conspire to make an air of melancholia in Urangatha Nilavilikal,V Mohanan’s series of paintings exhibited at Vyloppilli Samskriti Bhavan

27 Mar 2017

Chasing ice

Nature photographer Balan Madhavan talks about capturing the cold continent on his photography expedition to Antarctica

25 Mar 2017

Brimming with freshness

Playback singer Jyotsna talks about Thediye Poren, her latest Tamil single composed by Hari Dafusia

23 Mar 2017

Ringing in the Persian New Year in Thiruvananthapuram

It’s folk tunes and festivities all around as the Iranian community in the city comes together and celebrates the day that marks new beginnings

22 Mar 2017

A film in times of vigilantes

Memories of Morality explores the darkest side of moral policing

21 Mar 2017

Baring Heera’s soul

Rajashree Sawant Wad talks about playing Heera, the lavani artist in her 105-minute Marathi solo play

21 Mar 2017

The gateway to fantasies

Prasanth Narayanan attempts a new-age interpretation of Bhasa’s 2000-year-old Sanskrit play in Swapna Vasavadutta

18 Mar 2017

Getting the satvik khana to your doorstep

Deepika Kamnani is perhaps the only home-cook in Thiruvananthapuram who offers Jain food

14 Mar 2017

Celebration of the nomadic heritage 

Rajasthani artists will present kalbelia as part of  National Folk Festival today at Nishagandhi 

25 Feb 2017

Chandu left me exhausted, physically and emotionally: Kunal

Kunal Kapoor talks about playing the hero in Veeram.

24 Feb 2017

Reality check

In one of the photographs displayed at Russian Cultural Centre is the crouched figure of a little shoe-shiner, a childhood lost in dirt and poverty.

20 Feb 2017

Revelling in femininity

You may not be the connoisseur or anything classical, but Baale will leave you spellbound.

18 Feb 2017

TastySpots proves to be ultimate foodie map in Kochi

Be it pazhamkanji or seafood spaghetti, landing in the right food joint is a cakewalk if you have TastySpots to guide you.

14 Feb 2017

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