Navamy Sudhish

‘You’ll soon see me as a director’

Once director Fazil asked me to tone down my playful ways and be more businesslike.

11 Feb 2017

Goan diaries 

When two conflicting personas are thrown together, there’s bound to have some drama.

09 Feb 2017

‘I have gone for unalloyed humour in my debut script’

Neeraj Madhav says he landed in front of camera by accident, the ‘aspiring-director-ending-up-as-an-actor scene’ as he puts it.

08 Feb 2017

Vidya Balan was the initial choice for Annieamma

The team approached Vidya who was pretty impressed by the character.

31 Jan 2017

Two sides of the stray dog menace

‘Autobiography of a Stray Dog’ takes a reality check on the issue of these strays in society.

30 Jan 2017

You may soon see me in a Malayalam film: Keerthy Suresh

Keerthy has shared the screen with some A-list actors and seems quite happy about the way her career is shaping up.

18 Jan 2017

Sreenivasan lost 15 kg for his role in Ayal Sasi

The news of stars beefing up and  slimming down has always hit headlines. And now, joining the league, is none other than Sreenivasan, who has lost nearly 15 kilos to get into the skin of his characte

17 Jan 2017

Pursuing the elusive

British artist Susan Beaulah has been pursuing chakara for past 11 years, revelling in its colours and creating a graceful series on it.

14 Jan 2017

An all-new outing 

Geetu Mohandas talks about her upcoming film Moothon starring Nivin Pauly in the lead

11 Jan 2017

The Aphrodite touch - Renju Renjimar most sought after make-up artist

Celebrity makeup artist Renju Renjimar talks about creating trends, being on the speed-dial
of stars and her equation with the industry.

11 Jan 2017

Weaving a soulful love story

Doctor-turned-filmmaker and Thakazhi’s grandson Raj Nair talks about his upcoming film Vyadha

09 Jan 2017

Chronicling an icon

B Jayachandran’s frames of EMS will engage you in an easy and eloquent dialogue with the late politician

07 Jan 2017

‘I am not here to maintain a glam-diva image’

Bhama on playing a visually-challenged character in upcoming Kannada film Raga

04 Jan 2017

Shed those festive kilos right away!

If you are guilty of overindulging this December, here are some tips to cut the festival flab.

02 Jan 2017

A motley cart of  wonders

There were revenue-spinners, neat entertainers and little gems. But, in a sense, 2016 belonged to Mohanlal, the superstar who hit the high-octave with back-to-back blockbusters.

31 Dec 2016

In memory of Margi Sati

Japanese dancer Hiromi Maruhashi will be paying homage to her guru Margi Sathi at Soorya Festival today

28 Dec 2016

Jude turns hero

Jude Anthany Joseph and Aju Varghese will play the lead in Aiswarya Vilasam Goonda Sangham

24 Dec 2016

Reviving the age-old Tea-shop discussions

Straight Talk, a city-based discussion forum, tries to revive the culture of group conversations

22 Dec 2016

Capturing nature in all its hues

The ongoing Art of Photography exhibition at Kanakakunnu Palace concludes today

21 Dec 2016

Rock the Christmas party scene

City Express gives you tips to look good at the upcoming parties this year-end

21 Dec 2016

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