Neha Kirpal

‘I write to calm myself down’: Anees Salim

Anees Salim on his latest book and how he finds humour in a house of death while sadness in places buzzing with festivities

11 Dec 2021

'An Unborn Desire' Book Review: Sinister tales

Singapore-based Ananya Mukherjee’s latest book consists of 15 unusual and sometimes macabre short stories.

04 Dec 2021

The enigma of Auroville 

A discerning quest for community living, the idealism involved and its implications

13 Nov 2021

Love writers who capture the pulse of life, says Booker Prize longlisted author Alison MacLeod

The Booker Prize longlisted author, Alison MacLeod, talks to Neha Kirpal about her latest novel, 
how she pursued Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and writing during the pandemic

22 Oct 2021

'The Sweetness of Water' and 'Moth' book reviews: A war has no victors

Two recent debut novels are powerful family dramas about war. Though set in two diverse parts 
of the world, both have one overarching message—that war, ultimately, has no winners.

17 Oct 2021

Laughter and forgetting: A review of Meera Rajagopalan's latest

In a rather fun and unassuming way, the heartwarming tale puts the spotlight on some of possibly the most trending themes of our times.

26 Sep 2021

'When The Wildflowers Bloom' Review: Warp and weft of emotions

The prose is sprinkled with oodles of gentle advice and pearls of wisdom, such as the fact that life gives you only what you expect from it. 

11 Sep 2021

Takes two to tango: Ritviz and Nucleya team up to tell stories through music

It is widely known in the eclectic world of indie music that they had wanted to work together and had often discussed it.

04 Sep 2021

'The war of the poor' book review: An unequal war

The book is set during the Protestant Reformation in 16th century Europe.

14 Aug 2021

Singer-lyricist Vineet Singh Hukmani’s latest will make you 'pause, rewind, repeat'

Being genre-agnostic, Hukmani is never tied down by any sound or genre. He is contractually obligated with his global agent Martin Langford to release a song every 45 days.

24 Jul 2021

Klara and the Sun book review: If robots could feel

Klara is a unique Artificial Friend (AF) with unusual insight and outstanding observational qualities. Companions for the youth, AFs get their nourishment from the sun’s rays.

24 Jul 2021

'The Demoness' book review: Fifty years of stories

The 27 stories in this unique compilation serve as a window to the history, society and culture of Bangladesh.

10 Jul 2021

The enigma of Mrs 'Ruttie' Jinnah: A defiant 20th century revolutionary

Ruttie, Rattanbai Maryam Jinnah, wife of Pakistan’s founder, was a scion of one of then-Bombay’s richest Parsee families.

03 Jul 2021

'The Story Quilt Edited & Compiled' book review: A patchwork of tales

This collection of eight children’s stories includes translations from Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Punjabi and Sindhi.

26 Jun 2021

Fierce and unfiltered: Toronto-based Tamil artist Shan Vincent de Paul's releases new single ‘Savage’

Toronto-based Tamil artist Shan Vincent de Paul is ready with Made in Jaffna, his most compelling project yet

26 Jun 2021

Syud Hossain's biography: A life less ordinary

An entire section of the book is dedicated to tracing the genesis of Indians in America, profiling some of the prominent names who mass-migrated to the country in the 20th century.

12 Jun 2021

'Welcome to the New World' book review: Hope and despair

Based on a true story of the Aldabaans, a refugee family that fled civil war in Syria, the book began as a serialised comic strip for The New York Times and was later developed into a book.

05 Jun 2021

'Whereabouts' book review: The solitary reaper

The latest from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri is the first novel that she has written in Italian and then self-translated into English.

29 May 2021

Kashmiri musician Pragnya Wakhlu’s latest track is an antidote to pandemic despair

What started as a minute-long video during the 2020 lockdown went on to become a full-fledged song this summer.

22 May 2021

Raza Mir’s historical murder mystery is set against the backdrop of the First War of Indian independence

The author goes on to detail the modus operandi that Ghalib applies to solve the case.

22 May 2021

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