Neha Kirpal

Perfect medley: Indie-pop song ‘Daastan’ combines trance, future house, hip-hop and alternative rock

Collaborating for the first time with music composer and lyricist Apoorv Singh, Mishra is certain that the youth will like the song.

23 Jan 2021

Mumbai-born Aryaana G releases first single in collaboration with US rapper OT Genesis

Aryaana recently released her debut single ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

16 Jan 2021

Vocalist Sumeet Anand Pandey’s debut Dhrupad album is a morning mood booster

Sumeet Anand Pandey began to pursue Dhrupad full time after leaving a cushy corporate job in the marketing team of a Fortune 500 company that he had landed after his MBA.

09 Jan 2021

'Breasts and eggs' book review: Being a woman

Mieko Kawakami’s first full-scale novel to be translated from Japanese into English is a rare portrait of contemporary working class womanhood.

08 Jan 2021

King of vibes: Tamil origin hip-hop artist Yung Raja discusses new single 'The Dance Song'

This virtual newbie to the rap scene found viral success in Malaysia and Singapore following the release of his debut single, ‘Mustafa’.

19 Dec 2020

'The Illustrated Child' book review: Picture imperfect

The book’s central character, nine-year-old Romilly Kemp, lives in an ancient farmhouse in Suffolk with her eccentric artist father Tobias and cat Montgomery.

18 Dec 2020

'Anamika: A Tale of Desire in a Time of War' book review| When Passions Run High

The story is set against the backdrop of the Mughal era in the fictional Vishal Nagar, the capital of Purana Zilla.

12 Dec 2020

'The guitar gently weeps': How artists in West Bengal strive amid COVID-19 lockdown

Thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown, a ban on live shows in West Bengal is making artists look for other options.

12 Dec 2020

Remembrance rap: Musicians Shan Vincent de Paul and Yanchan revisit the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka

The song’s striking video portrays a haunting scene shot in the middle of a fog-covered lake about three hours north of Toronto, the cinematography for which was handled by Gajan Balan.

06 Dec 2020

A bite of difference

The programme reimagines the future of food centred on questions of food resilience in urban environments and food justice.

27 Nov 2020

Meet The Casteless Collective: 12-member group is India’s largest ensemble political band

The Casteless Collective questions oppression and inequality through its music.

21 Nov 2020

Children's reading list during the pandemic

Fresh surprises tumble out of bookshelves with writers and publishers summing up the children’s reading list during the ongoing pandemic

21 Nov 2020

Not lonesome tonight: Pragnya Wakhlu says she has never been happier

Alone need not mean unhappy, says singer-songwriter Pragnya Wakhlu

14 Nov 2020

Hill queen: Post lockdown getaway to Himachal Pradesh

With travel restrictions lifted, we escaped to a secluded retreat called Himalayan Orchard. And what a get-away it was.

14 Nov 2020

Multilingual singer-songwriter Taba Chake out with his latest single ‘Blush’

Chake says he conceived the song quite a while ago, based on what he had observed among his friends and the stories they shared with him about being in love.

07 Nov 2020

Author John Zubrzycki’s 'The House of Jaipur' gives rare glimpse into India’s most intriguing royal families

There is more to this story of royalty than exquisite maharanis, handsome maharajas, fabulous jewels and opulent palaces

07 Nov 2020

COVID no deterrence to watch parties with friends...virtually at least, find out how! 

A watch party is a free service from digital streaming giants such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, where friends watch shows together in a synchronised manner.

31 Oct 2020

'The Midnight Library' book review: Booking a journey to the self

In a world between life and death, it is revealed that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

24 Oct 2020

Tune in to health: Different cultures come for show of unity for GNE Myopathy

When she was diagnosed, Shilpi was working at a leading British law firm in Singapore, and was told that she would be wheelchair-bound within a decade or two.

24 Oct 2020

Hip-hop and happening for Cartel Madras and Glen Koshy George

Kerala-born experimental vocal artist GWS aka Glen Koshy George and hip-hop Tamilian sibling duo Cartel Madras' new track is a velvety smooth heavy-hitting beat.

24 Oct 2020

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