Nikita Sharma

‘Dragonflies are bio-controllers’ 

Since the first Dragonfly Festival launched in 2018, close to 10,000 people participated in field visits, on-ground counts, online workshops, digital resources and photography competitions.

22 Aug 2021

Access Renewed: Delhi's Community Library Project reopens

The Community Library Project steps up incentives to increase footfall and encourage a strong reading culture.

21 Aug 2021

Weaves of Empowerment: Three women employees with Goonj discover dignity in labour

Stitching their resolve and sorting challenges, three women employees with Goonj discover dignity in labour

19 Aug 2021

Student initiative gets a theme song

Solomon’s niece Tahira, a Class 11 student, is a member of SFI since its inception, which is how he got to know about the work they are doing in the pandemic.

18 Aug 2021

COVID-19: Remote ultrasound, now a reality

After the robot was imported by Addverb, the IIT team started working on different control algorithms.

17 Aug 2021

Unbox love

He is impulsive, while she likes taking things slow. He likes that she can quickly adapt to any situation, while she loves his hardworking vibe.

15 Aug 2021

Fabric of Freedom

An IIT-D team is working on yarn and novel structures to make monumental tirangas stronger and durable

15 Aug 2021

Delhi-based singer tunes into the sounds of patriotism

On the eve of Independence Day (August 14), Tabbu Iddrisi will perform with the Abhinay Arambh Group in Alaknanda market at 5 pm.

14 Aug 2021

Nukkad nataks: COVID brings street plays from applause to pause

Street artistes seek government approval to perform though they fear flouting social distancing norms amid COVID-19 times.

14 Aug 2021

Crusading beyond the classroom: DU makes it mandatory for all students to plant a tree

Delhi University’s decision to make tree plantation mandatory has won support from UG &PG  students and faculty 

13 Aug 2021

The show will go online

NSD will host the virtual staging of three plays for I-Day, but participants express disappointment over last-minute changes in permission

12 Aug 2021

On a traditional beat

Singh even creates music-related artwork for IPL Delhi Capitals.

11 Aug 2021

Saksham India: New innings for street vendors in Delhi amid COVID crisis

NGO TYCIA Foundation's Direct Benefit Transfer programme has helped over 1,000 street vendors last year. But when the Covid situation worsened in 2021, they went a step further.

11 Aug 2021

Of love, longing, and more

Delhi-based PR practitioner Sumana Bhattacharya always liked to scribble down her feelings and things happening around her, but never thought of becoming a writer, let alone a poet.

11 Aug 2021

‘This song belongs to India’

Kaun Bataye? – a crowd-sourced video single by Delhi-based band Dastaan LIVE – asks who will provide answers to why religious animosity still continues to brew in India.

11 Aug 2021

'Breaking' social barriers

Ashif Khan found a way out of poverty, and now doles out tips and tricks of breaking culture (break dance) to slum children for free.

09 Aug 2021

DYT hits a new high, 60,000 influencers on board

In fact, Anand got her first paid gig from DYT, and now earns Rs 15,000-20,000 per month from the platform. Her follower count is now at 17.6k.

09 Aug 2021

Based in Delhi, India's only paranormal helpline completes 1,000 calls

The helpline (+91 9999518600) by Delhi-based paranormal investigator Jay Alani has touched many lives. It is India’s only paranormal helpline.

07 Aug 2021

Can handloom stay in young hearts?

Last year, the government scrapped the Handloom and Handicrafts Boards ahead of National Handloom Day, appearing to mainstream the industry.

07 Aug 2021

A neuron model for efficient AI systems

A team of IIT Delhi researchers developed a technology to accelerate speed and accuracy of applications using Artificial Intelligence.

06 Aug 2021

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