Self-care routine for fire signs Leo, Aries, Sagittarius

Aries can be a determined sign and are high energy beings. Like the way Ram that represents Aries, they may use their energy to push their way to success into everything they try.

22 Feb 2020

Water sign: Personality traits of fathers

Cancer fathers are loving, supportive parent who tend to spoil their children. He will teach his kids how to be loving, compassionate, and empathetic to other people.

15 Feb 2020

Air signs: personality traits of fathers

Gemini fathers are truly kids at heart, who want to connect to their children in a way that makes them friends more than authority figures.

08 Feb 2020

Earth sign: Personality traits of fathers

Taurus is the kind of father who is both dependable and loving.

02 Feb 2020

Fire sign: Personality Traits of fathers

The Aries man is all about fun and excitement in his life. Aries men are known for being ambitious and competitive, but when they become fathers, that translates into pushing their children to be the

25 Jan 2020

Climate change effect on Mercury

As Jupiter represents the liver, circulation of blood in arteries, fat deposit in body, kidney and thigh, thus having Jupiter centric food will strengthen the liver.

18 Jan 2020

Water signs: How Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces express their love

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancers keep their feelings away in their hard shell and never really reveal their true self.

11 Jan 2020

Body detox weekly calendar

Wake up, open your eyes and get into that zone which gets the adrenaline rushing—time to get fit and healthy.

04 Jan 2020

Predictions for 2020

Taureans should be very careful about their eyesight and insulin level the entire year. Jupiter being in the eighth house will show expenditure on medical and property disputes amongst the family.

28 Dec 2019

How Planets and Food Impact Health

Astrology is your roadmap of destiny.

19 Dec 2019

Water signs: How Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces express love

Creative and talented, Pisceans are emotionally intelligent, kind, understanding and empathetic.

14 Dec 2019

Air Signs: How They Express Love

Though he starts the relationship on a slow note with a bit of a caution, but once he is in it, he will not hold back anything from his partner.

05 Dec 2019

Earth signs: How they express love

Taureans are determined, sensual and tactile people who have been gifted with the unique ability to power though difficult events and find a way to conquer all situations they are put in.

30 Nov 2019

Fire signs: how they express love

Leo men tend to show off. They like to be the centre of attention and take the lead whenever possible.

23 Nov 2019

Water signs: Route to happiness

Once they identify the source of the feelings, they will be able to work through them. 

16 Nov 2019