Padmaja Ruparel

A start-up mentor is the coach, not captain

Mentors and their perspectives are critical for a new company. But founders must understand that they cannot delegate decision-making to them

21 Nov 2020

What entrepreneurs need to know about angel Investors

This proposition now needs to quickly convert to a product or service embedding the early user/customer feedback.

28 Oct 2020

Real start-up pitches in the virtual world

For entrepreneurs, online pitches are here to stay and honestly, it’s a huge  advantage. However, it has its challenges

22 Sep 2020

The need for a good sales strategy

Especially for start-ups, the sales capability has been a major reason for a company’s success or failure. Thus, building a well-thought-out plan is critical      

21 Aug 2020

What leads to the success or failure of a start-up?

The pool of money is growing. And therefore a start-up is almost the first career choice.

24 Jul 2020