WHO, the battleground for cold war 2.0

There is no doubt that WHO’s director general is culpable. Whether the missteps were errors of judgements or deliberate kowtowing to China is the question

22 May 2020

Iran’s grim fight against coronavirus

Heightened rhetoric about a Western plot, quack remedies and blind faith added to the problem in a nation where senior clerics and politicians have died in the pandemic

18 Apr 2020

Trump’s visit is not about trade alone

Despite disagreements over trade, relations between the US and India are poised for further consolidation. Defence ties continue to remain strong

25 Feb 2020

Bangladesh, India ties: A new neighbourhood model

Sheikh Hasina has guided her country’s policy wisely and adroitly, making Bangladesh the best performing economy in Asia.

27 Oct 2019

Modi-Xi Mamallapuram summit not purely informal

The 2017 Doklam incident had led to the 2018 Modi-Xi informal summit in Wuhan, a city made famous by Chairman Mao by swimming across the Yangtse river to prove his virility.

13 Oct 2019

Bangladesh and the art of balancing

For Bangladesh, India is a neighbour with civilisational ties while China is a rising power with big bucks to spare; And Dhaka is playing its cards adroitly.

26 Sep 2019