Modi’s hat-trick in 2024 linked to disaffection driven defections

Every movement has its master, mission and momentum.

6 hours ago

The age of loudspeaker plainspeak, prodigious economists and prodigal babus

Don’t be under the assumption that Bulldozer Baba is dozing after his stupendous comeback.

01 May 2022

Congress needs grassroots not grasshoppers like PK

The Gandhis-led Congress is on Mission Crutchfinder to find its feet again. Repeated poll debacles, plummeting popularity and inconsistency are pushing them to seek saviours outside the party.

24 Apr 2022

Need Uniform Civil Code of conduct to counter divisiveness 

India is universal consciousness, where separate elements thrive as one, having stayed united in heterogeneity for centuries.

10 Apr 2022

Kejriwal expands his base with social welfare model

The spectacular performance by AAP, just a decade old, has punched holes in the national narrative.

20 Mar 2022

Opposition must discover a better Modi to checkmate NaMo

Elections are theatre, full of sound and fury, signifying only one thing — power. Actors change the script by replacing the narrative.

13 Mar 2022

Money minting medical mafia responsible for Ukraine catastrophe

There are times when politics is learning without education.

06 Mar 2022

Beast of Ukraine war thrives on corporate greed

Now that the Taliban is back with guns and dogma, the War on Terror, fought with weapons bought in the black market, seems to have hit the pause button.

20 Feb 2022

Stalin’s politics fuels new national federalism

Being a legatee of the ancient ethos of Dravidian civilization contributes to Stalin's rise as a new leader setting the national agenda.

13 Feb 2022

Young wine in old bottles to revive Congress

The only hope is a bunch of young leaders from modest backgrounds who are keeping the Congress flag flying because historically the IYC is the party’s best guerrilla squad.

30 Jan 2022

Modi moves mountains and molehills to master machinations

As a practice, MoSs are never invited to Cabinet meetings and hardly get a chance to meet the PM unless they are specially called.

25 Jan 2022

Maim and tame hate monetising tech moguls

Sulli deals and Bulli Bai detonated in the online space, aimed at communal polarisation and humiliation of Muslim women whose doctored pictures inviting buyers were posted.

24 Jan 2022

Ideologies are dead, long live individuals

In most democracies today, individuals are ideologies themselves and voters often ignore their political outlook.

23 Jan 2022

Dithering & sycophantic COVID experts endanger brand Modi

Prevention is better than cure is an adage apt for the times since delaying vaccinations is procrastination without justification.

19 Dec 2021

Stop capital drain with better opportunities at home

In 1025, the great Tamil emperor Rajendra Chola I was the first Indian ruler to take his forces beyond the frontiers of Bharatvarsha.

12 Dec 2021