Nationalism backlash is regressively profiling BJP

For decades, the RSS and the Sangh Parivar have been curetting patriotism brick by brick. But its vocabulary and slogans define it as the citadel of nationalism, not patriotism.

23 Feb 2020

BJP needs local Modis to sustain pan-India status

BJP’s humiliating drubbing in Delhi cannot be considered just another loss, but the erosion of its hitherto unchallenged acceptability as the party with a difference.

16 Feb 2020

Prison could turn hero factory for Kashmir’s netas

On release, they would regain credibility and legitimacy, which had become casualties of their political folly. Kashmir needs full restoration of normalcy.

09 Feb 2020

Budget 2020 a complex exercise in wordplay, and little else

Rituals without efficacy are blasé formalities of inevitable intentions.

02 Feb 2020

India holds trump card on Kashmir standoff

Donald Trump rushes in where angels fear to tread, which, in this case, is the devil infested vale of Kashmir.

26 Jan 2020

Indulge dissent with democratic discussion

The two big Ds of politics, Democracy and Dissent, are the inseparable twins in the family of humanity.

12 Jan 2020

Media must rediscover dignity with independence

Centuries ago, Plutarch wrote about king of Armenia who disliked messengers bearing bad news about a coming invasion.

05 Jan 2020

Citizens, not residents, can redeem democracy

A hasty legislative measure by the NDA government has provided ammunition to its opponents, who were looking for trouble in universities and the streets.

29 Dec 2019

Citizenship Act stir: Being in denial about dissent may cost BJP dear

The government could have achieved the CAA’s objective by granting Indian passports to all persecuted minorities in the three Islamic countries.

18 Dec 2019

Modi must pulverise precocious party pundits to regain glow

The PM’s admirers feel he is either misinformed or kept in the dark about the ground reality that 
has led to an eventual erosion of his authority.

04 Dec 2019

BJP uses flexible propriety to dictate new polity

Is the Maharashtra Mahabharata just another circus of convenience, an act that has been 
played out in many states in the past? 

27 Nov 2019

Ideological privilege vs nationalist nuance in JNU

Have salubrious surroundings and flexible classes made JNU an academic luxury resort for revolt? The answer lies in its Leftist genes

20 Nov 2019

Ideology-free alliances dilute central grip on diversity 

Alliances and divorces are common in India’s electoral marriage bureaus. In 1977, ideologically inimical parties combined to defeat Indira to save democracy

13 Nov 2019

Big brotherhood of tech power bugging democracy

With little robust legal protection against Big Brother with Big Ears, any entity with money power can misuse technology to get the dope on all Indians

06 Nov 2019

Predicting consensus over confrontation in BJP’s 2020 vision

Finally, the saffron party will be forced to deal with an Opposition on steroids, and an equally powerful opposition from within in both Haryana & Maharashtra

30 Oct 2019