Contest over 'indigenous' in the Northeast

There is much debate on who falls in this bracket. Many communities want to be recognised as indigenous. This often leads to inter-ethnic conflicts and turmoil.

21 Jul 2022

Mutant legacy of a British-era law in Manipur

Independent India has followed the British land revenue administration model in Manipur and this has led to friction among the ethnic communities in the region.

22 Jun 2022

Using Identities to vanquish enmities

Identity is a shifting target and is therefore difficult to pin down. Its awareness begins with the fundamental question “who am I?”

27 May 2022

Endemic boundary disputes in the Northeast

Modern cartographic exercises are not always congruent with the notions of territory of indigenous communities living in these areas.

02 May 2022

Decoding the election results of Manipur

While the generalisation of the five poll results are understandable, one should realise that each were fought and won on different issues and using varied strategies.

01 Apr 2022

How BJP’s moves in Manipur have boomeranged

The ruling party was the last to release its manifesto and list of candidates for the upcoming Assembly polls in the state. What led to this?

26 Feb 2022

Statehood in the Northeast and Manipur's path

Could Manipur’s statehood history have taken a different trajectory? Would its protest culture be any different had it been given full statehood with honour in 1949 itself?

27 Jan 2022

Extension of AFSPA and War in Peacetime

It needs to be clarified that AFSPA and the Army are not synonymous. Therefore the general revulsion for this Act in the Northeast is not tantamount to an equal dislike for the Army.

06 Jan 2022

Nagaland ambush reopens old AFSPA wound in Northeast

The AFSPA gives sweeping powers to Central armed forces in areas where the Act is promulgated and protects them from persecution in courts and the danger from this is obvious.

10 Dec 2021

Andaman Islands will forever have a piece of Manipur

Despite scepticism that the renaming could have been done for political gains, there is hope that the peripheries of India may now have a way out of history’s blind spot.

23 Nov 2021

Emergence of mercenary politics in Manipur

Many new entrants who are tipped to win have decided that their best prospects for bagging ministerial positions would be as mercenaries aligned with small parties.

25 Oct 2021

The effect of geography on Z security concerns

Rimland and heartland nations have very different perceptions of security. It is important for heartland ones to have a sense of control over areas just beyond their borders

13 Mar 2021

The slippery slopes of Naga solution

The interlocutor in the Naga peace talks has revealed a possible solution. But there are concerns about the Centre’s concessions

15 May 2018