Pradip Phanjoubam

Andaman Islands will forever have a piece of Manipur

Despite scepticism that the renaming could have been done for political gains, there is hope that the peripheries of India may now have a way out of history’s blind spot.

23 Nov 2021

Emergence of mercenary politics in Manipur

Many new entrants who are tipped to win have decided that their best prospects for bagging ministerial positions would be as mercenaries aligned with small parties.

25 Oct 2021

What Manipur’s sporting success also reveals

The Northeast has not seen a female chief minister so far. Politically, women here are in the margins. Yet, they have been frontrunners in sports

25 Sep 2021

The military DNA in Myanmar’s governance

What needs to be kept in mind in the Myanmar situation is that without a complete structural and psychological overhaul, civil rule in the country may never be complete.

28 Aug 2021

Making sense of boundary disputes in the Northeast

In order to understand the clash between Assam and Mizoram place, we have to go back to the British colonial government’s outlook to frontier management

07 Aug 2021

Unseen gender discrimination in a man’s world

Because of ages of almost universal conditioning and internalising, nobody even sees discriminatory responses as wrong. Therefore they get perpetuated

21 Jun 2021

Challenges around idea of land in Manipur

While frictions over the idea of land and ownership among indigenous communities is common throughout the Northeast, arguably none is more complex and sensitive than in Manipur

26 May 2021

The effect of geography on Z security concerns

Rimland and heartland nations have very different perceptions of security. It is important for heartland ones to have a sense of control over areas just beyond their borders

13 Mar 2021

The slippery slopes of Naga solution

The interlocutor in the Naga peace talks has revealed a possible solution. But there are concerns about the Centre’s concessions

15 May 2018