Pradip Phanjoubam

The effect of geography on Z security concerns

Rimland and heartland nations have very different perceptions of security. It is important for heartland ones to have a sense of control over areas just beyond their borders

15 Jan 2021

Suu Kyi stronger after Myanmar poll surprises

 NLD’s landslide victory in Myanmar’s November 8 election demonstrated how nationalism does 
not care for any standard scale of moral rectitude

04 Dec 2020

Manipur Government’s disregard for rule of law

The lack of respect for rules in the Northeastern state became evident yet again during the August 10 confidence vote

03 Sep 2020

Manipur, a case study of  illiberal democracy

The idea of rule of law has been overturned by the government’s attempt to hold on to power, setting a dangerous precedent in the strife-torn state

04 Jul 2020