R Gopalakrishnan

Hold up a mirror to tame arrogant leaders

Talented executives rise to the seniormost levels due to performance, skills, human relationships and charisma.

21 Sep 2023

Geek-geezer syndrome: A culture that brews greats

Individuals should not wait to be pushed from geek to geezer; rather, they should exercise their choice of when and how to become a geezer!

09 Aug 2023

Crucibles: Must-haves in leadership development

An unexpected blizzard arose that night. None of the men returned throughout the long night. The lieutenant was distraught at letting his men go on an unplanned recce sans instruments and equipment.

12 Jul 2023

Developing talent portability to maximise managerial success

To build talent density, management’s focus must be on the quality and quantity of talent recruited.

14 Jun 2023