Rajas Kelkar

Put a penny by for emergencies

Financial advisors recommend at least 6 months to 1 year expenses to be held as an emergency fund; and allocating any surplus money to it

17 Jun 2019

What does Narendra Modi 2.0 mean for your money?

A landslide victory for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s National Democratic Alliance paves the way for continuity of economic policies.

27 May 2019

Health insurance: A new idea for the old

To support the health of your elderly parents, you could put the money mostly in assets that are easy to invest and exit.

06 May 2019

How tracking stock market or Nifty will help your money grow steadily

According to the World Bank Global Findex Survey of 2011 and 2017, India’s financial inclusion coverage has grown to over 75 per cent from less than 50 per cent.

29 Apr 2019

Money dilemma: Where to invest

Financial assets are created and tested everyday in the market; the key is to own more financial assets and less of physical assets

22 Apr 2019

Time to talk asset allocation

In the world of personal finance, it is a common practice to discuss asset allocation around the start of the financial year.

01 Apr 2019

New Fiscal, new Plans

If you are new to investing, it is the right time to start executing plans you have been planning for some time now.

25 Mar 2019

Saving taxes: Don’t be a day late and a dollar short

The month of March marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere.

18 Mar 2019

Why investors should look beyond gold

The US Federal Reserve estimates that the American household wealth around $104 trillion.

11 Mar 2019

Investing is risky, debt or not

A shocker was in store for debt fund investors in some of the leading mutual funds.

25 Feb 2019

How advisors could complicate your investments

Since the advent of mutual funds in the 50s and 60s and then index funds in 70s, ordinary people have benefitted from global stock market moves.

18 Feb 2019

Your loans are unlikely to get cheaper this year

There are times when you feel you are not getting enough from your investments. 

28 Jan 2019

Why India needs a John C Bogle

To say that John C Bogle revolutionised investing for ordinary people would be an understatement.

21 Jan 2019

Retirement plans: Sit back, after you hang up your boots

A huge impact of an ageing population is on savings and investment ability of individuals...

14 Jan 2019

Underscore it, insurance is not an investment

When it is the first time, it is always tricky.

07 Jan 2019

In the new year, love gold but own less of it

In most parts of India, gold has a personal connection. Parents and grandparents give away gold to their children.

31 Dec 2018

What to buy in 2019? This new year, pledge to create a monthly surplus

What to buy in 2019? This is a common query for financial advisors in the month of December. A lot of financial advisors will recommend options based on your age and income.

24 Dec 2018

What to make of financial market flip-flops

Not long ago, people predicted a free fall in the Indian rupee after a sharp rally in international oil prices.

10 Dec 2018

G-secs, the safest bet

Safety’ and ‘risk’ are the two most important terms in the investment world.

26 Nov 2018

The story of our banks

Last week, two deputy governors of RBI made speeches that outlined the role of RBI and banks in our lives.

05 Nov 2018

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