Rajas Kelkar

How changes to stock indices affect you

In India, the 30-share BSE Sensex (now called S&P BSE Sensex) has been a benchmark for India’s economy since the launch in 1986.

25 Jun 2018

What does the Rupee fall mean to you

The Indian Rupee was one of the resilient currencies in the world till the beginning of 2018. Since 2018, it has tumbled about 6 per cent in value against the US dollar.

18 Jun 2018

All that you should know about earnings estimates

Messrs Buffett and Dimon argue that quarterly earnings per share guidance drive businesses away from long-term investments.

11 Jun 2018

What drives financial markets

Keeping track of results of companies and economic & political scenarios can avert headwinds

04 Jun 2018

Missing the mutual fund bandwagon?

While mutual fund schemes have tripled investment value in five years, there are challenges the headline numbers don’t show

21 May 2018

Mastering equity investing with Warren Buffett

Invest in companies with solid fundamentals for wealth creation.

07 May 2018

How to make sense of corporate results

As a stock market investor, you want to know about businesses that consistently make money.

16 Apr 2018

How to make the most of the RBI credit policy statement for personal finance

Human beings are passionate about money. Yet, personal finance is the most neglected segment in India. A lot of matters related to money are dealt with emotions.

09 Apr 2018

When is the right time to start buying equity?

If you are thinking of taking that first step towards equity investing, you may want to take a few steps forward.

02 Apr 2018

Read IPO prospectuses, make most of the knowledge shared

Everyone is excited when a good company seeks to list on the stock exchanges. There are several reasons why a company goes to the market.

26 Mar 2018

Seven reasons why supervision of public sector banks is impossible

For years, Public Sector Banks (PSB) have played that friendly neighbourhood bank role.

19 Mar 2018

Is there something like the ‘right’ time for investing in equity?

The reality is that when you give your money time to grow, the combination of equity market returns and the power of compounding take it to a new level.

12 Mar 2018

What 7.2 percent quarterly GDP growth means for your investment

A positive data on the performance of the economy will help stock markets rally, boosting investors’ wealth.

05 Mar 2018

Should mutual funds investors change tack?

The first thing you need to do is not rush to sell equity mutual funds that you already own or shut off your systematic investment plans.

06 Feb 2018

Indian shares rallying due to note ban, not investment appetite

Share prices today are a function of profits tomorrow. When they rally, they do so in anticipation of a sustainable growth in profits. When interest rates are low, share prices rally.

30 Jan 2018

Budget 2018: What could it mean for your investments?

The Budget, to be presented on Feb 1, can have a direct impact on various aspects of your personal finances

23 Jan 2018

Investing in mutual funds

MFs are not an asset class like shares, fixed deposits or debentures. The risk is diversified and the returns are comparatively high. It is a good idea to seek professional help before investing in mu

15 Jan 2018

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